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stir fry
dregs and dreams
informal unfettered
nothing soup
the envelope please
a fortunate mistake
the anarchist’s sock
please use other door (this page intentionally left blank)
jesus loved to party
the original party animal - greek god Pan, Jesus/Pan
what would dorothy do?
get on the list
where were you when the shit went down?
where are the coffins
pay for your own chains
what is an electron?
fascism by the pound
my empire right or wrong
america is not a flag
free florida
november erection
patent me - AIs create unprecedented technology (wealth) while you sleep, Goldamn Guuze, golden goose
surveille this! Middle finger, mushroom middle finger

From April 2, 2013

boxes flickering reflect on characters
[03-04-19 key for Iteration 3+]

caveat from May 5, 2014 costume-change-christina/

Adding shadows and illumination on surrounding objects, perhaps triggered by keyframes? This could get complicated as there are 10 sides that effect the surrounding set in Christina changing. Micro power mediatronic luminescence has a rapid fall off, only objects VERY close to the surface would be effected, and if the mediatronic surfaces are flat black when off, then reflections would be minimized. When considering all the other scenes that would have to be relit with the mediatronic play, the effect has to be minimal, not to mention the keyframes that would be required. Pillows would be most effected and a good test.

From Feb 12, 2015 topsy turvy transportation/

17 Airbus swimming

Intact Airbus A380 half submerged in a steamy swamp. Perhaps the Airbus is flipped on it’s back, wings folded up in the air like a synchronized swimmer. Mediatronics promise adventure travel with icons of major cities – Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, etc. creating strange silhouettes slightly underwater (or upsidedown in the muck), accidental information enabled by this new context.

18 Cruise ship flying

An elegant cruise ship soars among the clouds as seen from the river far below. Dolphins leap over the canyon rim via the miracle of mediatronics.

From April 4, 2014 ads An interesting range of applications

From June 9, 2014 recent musings

I’m really enjoying these ads. The sheer meaningless of them is exhilarating, because actual ads are so perversely meaningless, to make meaningless adverts feels like ART and righteous subversion. Speaking about the future we speak about the now, which is the future seed and all we know.

All we know with the ads is that they are from an alternate world we can never see or understand, because the context is a future history, a list of surprises spinning off into a wild other, borrowing our language and symbols and making them alien.

[03-04-19 oh yeah]

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