what’s the name of this new effort?

stir fry
mental health
dregs and dreams
foundation foundation
informal unfettered
nothing soup
this is not a gallery (TINAG) pronounced, “ting”
the envelope please
a fortunate mistake
the anarchist’s sock
please use other door
art now

archive edit

portraying myself as a young vehicle of hot spark, as i see myself today
icon – jesus loved to party

billboard advertising

Aerial Ads Banner
517 244-0100
1192 Hagadon Mason

Captive Audience Advertising
Grand Haven 888 322-7848

Lamar Advertising Co
3691 Cass Rd Garfield 946-9000

MBC Sign Co
428 Gitchegumee Bcly 269-3887

what would dorothy do?
do you want to be on the list
where were you when the shit went down?
where are the coffins
who are the terrorists
pay for your own chains
what is an electron?
give ME all the toys again – gw smile with an armful of toys – locomotive, ball, barbie, airplane, balloon

sign/icon ideas

fascism by the pound
my toys, your boys – picture of bush with an armload of tiny tanks and planes
yard paintings
sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand
my empire right or wrong
there’s no such thing as a bad dream
america is not a flag
where there are rocks, watch out
free florida
truth, justice
jesus parties
jesus is sexy
november erection
patent me
welcome to haiti, usa
surveille this! 4/19/04

catholics for breakfast, the jesus ride, song of startan, fried jesus finger lickin’ good


nuclear waste is forever
no president
arrested for telling the trurh
the earth! the earth!

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