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a Post Apocalyptic Romantic Comedy

April 13, 2014 1:44 AM

Gaze upon the vast vista of information that is the process for Daughter of God. What can we see?

This blog is, stated simply, a big list of fun. A guide to find the best and most compelling places to play, in the present moment. Such clarity in comparison to the old speak, when confusion masqueraded as professionalism.

Welcome to my (raw) Chocolate Factory, to the shed where Chitty was born, to my majestic pirate aerostat, to our magic lair of mushroom cultivators, to the golden improbable starship, to a perfect party, to the ever bettering best days ever. Where we do the impossible just in time and in the black.

[March 17, 2019] is a unique application of WordPress. Neither blog nor store, rather an enhancement of the director's own cognition, specifically with regards to a very complex project.

Learn more? WARNING, self referential rabbit hole, geeks only


Movie as a verb. Why would anyone want to movie? Specifically, the post apocalyptic romantic comedy Daughter of God, ( Movie as a verb was initially explored and digressed from in the first season of the companion podcast Daughter of Godcast. This site, was deployed for Deep Development of Daughter of God some 13-14 years ago, (depending on when you start counting), and draws from legacy blogs including and A development resource for collaborators, documents the archeology of simulated cultures, expositing alternative histories that may or may not share a future with the reality you're enjoying this very moment.

[February 06, 2019]

Wow, this thing is huge. Dan Kelly here, Shri Fugi Spilt. Until I make time to get in here and untangle the disparate threads, lots of page links are disabled. If you're clever and determined, you can pretty much find anything. Just be careful, there's some mind blowing content squirreled away here.