the purge of collective experience

August 11, 2021

Videos have vanished from this reference as the corona coup unfolds. This was a trusted archive, much like my David Allen inspired Capture, which permits strategic forgetting, a memory extension outside the body. Perhaps the Wayback Machine can help me remember what was here?

Feels like an assault on my memory, I thought I was pointing to the commons... but the analogy is flawed - this is not a wilderness of dirt and trees. The digital commons are ephemeral and worse, vulnerable to the whims of fascists and aspiring tyrants. An infrastructure maintained by corporate hegemony. YouTube was always a collective memory fake out, a honey trap for creators. Centralized entities can never be trusted to host the entirety of human experience. They will always attempt to monetize or leverage, and there goes the commons.

Meanwhile, this work. Comprehensive local backups, Serverpress or Mamp mirrors for ALL sites.  Currently, www distro via private server storage, for as long as Bluehost remains uncompromised. Where are our decentralized servers? What about a server right here in beautiful Benzie County? Hooking into the fiber backbone along 31.

Maybe Stone Pine, property good for not much else until the secret remediation is deployed. Drawing up from the water table and extracting / neutralizing the nasty in the sunshine with o so clever biology. Another wild and happy dream. The dream that comes after the boring, creaky old culture of comsumption, the deletion of the death cult. Secret only if undertaken during the last gasp of the death cult.

There's something delicious about restoring the wilds right under their noses, not asking permission because their science is skewed and therefor not science at all. Herbicides to kill invasives, only the future can recognize the inherent and obvious contradiction in that. We that have already a toe or perhaps even a foot in the bright future.

Now, am I the architect of a the nude age? Newdej. Nudayj. There's zillions of us scribblers and dreamers out there, each of us pasting together scraps from electropapes and MAGA-zines, each our own big picture which is indeed the big picture, remote viewing style. The collective exists, maybe the water stores our memory like Kari implied the other night on the lake steps. Wonderful what the contrast of deleted youtube videos inspires.

archival intro

February 6, 2019. Originally, the vision was easy access to every influence on the project, the origin of ideas and experiences, and rapid re-immersion.

The trick is to imagine our future information needs, wanting to know or find... what? Would categories of links with a couple of sentences of concise description for each link be adequate? What are the categories anyway? What snagged / snags cognition? Why is this an 'influence'?

The structure of the categories influences the content. So no obvious overarching scheme, for now. Just lots of videos, perhaps a confluence of media streams and a cascading torrent of cognition, a whole lot a whoa! Take this brother, sister, other. May it serve you well.

There wasn't much here as of July 6, 2017 at 5:38 PM.

PKD audiobooks on youtube

Deluge Movie 1933

Why was I interested in the visualization software dmware and parallels noted on April 14, 2017? Around the time I wanted to run Windows on OSX.

The full inventory of the influential was yet to be, from my arrest in 2003 for protesting the Iraq War, Jon Ronson's book The Men Who Stare at Goats, MGM's Wizard of Oz, solo camping on North Manitou Island...

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Did a parish priest at Rennes-le-Château discover the biggest secret of Christianity?

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