A map of the project, retooling for really and truly blissing out. Now we spread the table cloth on the grassy knoll and populate the picnic, a feast of unfolding and coming together both. We end by making a more elegant beginning.

Technical note, FYI. This might be more easily deployed with categories, but for now...

Story • back, front and side

The unfolding, blooming thing. As much as we know right now.


The future of movie making, today. An alternate future, where audiences are collaborators way before the screens light up. Where distribution starts before the project is ever sold, perhaps even before the investors show up. Can we tell a story about telling a story? Is that... fun?

  • dog.movie - audience, feedback, collaboration
  • why.movie - geek heaven, spoilers, progress reports, process discovery, director's cognition enhancement, digressions, epiphanies, midden heap.
  • 3EB.US (coming soon) Third Earth Battalion recruitment site - the war on consciousness is over!


Humans. The tools they make and the lore of use. Blinded by dreams, a delirious flail and grope, perhaps clenching a wrench or paintbrush.


That's all wonderful but... when is it going to be done? When  the fat lady sings. In the meantime, enjoy the show.

Discovering Process

What are we doing? Let's find out.


An out of the way suburb in the great galaxy of the www.