√ design 5 box labels with timing (check longest scene) build longest comp to match
√ corner pin to boxes
√ if additional masks are needed, precomp
√ soft light comps
√ blur the boxes
√ speed ramp comps to match her timings (thanks to expressions)
— if all patterns can be in one comp, then retiming can be applied once and content added as it becomes available
√ boxes – masks, reveal packing tape, composite work flow
√ add grain, everywhere except Christina when she’s at 100% speed <- match her grain at 100% speed
— brought grain back by looping the empty background. This takes care of both the color corrected bckground AND the boxes that are rack defocused in ‘soft light’ mode because the background texture passes through. If the empty background is also ‘rack defocused’ then grain will have to be added back. Christina will need grain added back in all slow mo frames because grain was frozen during twixtor. •• can speed of grain be pick whipped to speed ramp? <- this is wrong, grain changes every frame, so there’s no speeding up or slowing it down.
√ noir hat brim where it crosses boxes, artifact from twixtor, quick repair
• final corrections on roto
roto, twixtor, opacity
• get rid of worst twixtor artifacts
• transparency for motion blur masks
• transparent and fuzz worst motion blur
• special treatment for stacatto army hat
• other backgrounds? only when costumes are being worn – mumu and pre militia hat

• always images on boxes
• add ads
• relight surrounding objects, bloom and cast shadows
• final sound mix for shortwave
• why isn’t phone symbol aliased?
• clean comps and comment

emaciated 05-13-14

When she’s in mumu and ghostlike sliding down, she could represent the millions who starved, ecosystems depleted and nowhere to go. Arms thin and frail, emaciated. Approx f2565

Boxes and retiming 05-13-14

By matching the retiming of the mediatronics to Christina – several outcomes…

We establish the shared spacetime, which breaks up the focus on her dance somewhat, true, but locks in the presence of the boxes as entities in camera. They too dance.

Adding shadows and illumination on surrounding objects, perhaps triggered by keyframes? This could get complicated as there are 10 sides that effect the surrounding set in Christina changing. Micro power mediatronic luminescence has a rapid fall off, only objects VERY close to the surface would be effected, and if the mediatronic surfaces are flat black when off, then reflections would be minimized. When considering all the other scenes that would have to be relit with the mediatronic play, the effect has to be minimal, not to mention the keyframes that would be required. Pillows would be most effected and a good test.

Cues and subliminals in boxes 05-13-14

Each stage of C’s costume change reflects some glory of first world civilization, fashion/romantic noir, military/honor/empire, granola/green/simplicity/self reliance, the boxes could be booming messages out to subtly correspond and contrast, deepening the dance.

Shortwave broadcasts are moved to where they correspond to costumes

Louise feedback 05-09-14

  • Christina’s behavior is recognizable to Louise because Louise has to also stoop and crane to see herself in her bathroom mirror.
  • The color difference between the character and the room is believable
  • The boxes seem integrated
  • big difference when we blurred the background, the boxes and graphics really integrated

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