April 13

The only enemy is within

the war on consciousness is over



found floating on the desktop

god bless this mess
peace is our profession
peace sign
Earth First Battalion
picture of a lamb
we come in peace
let us know how we can do better
happy holidays
www.war.dance for the latest news
together we can do it!
depersonalize your inner enemy
booby trap - breasts
for your safety, do not approach
danger, crush hazard (treads)
reduce deployment costs, recycle brass
do not look into muzzle
RIP your best value for body army, low APR
we respect local customs and belief
digital camo pattern

March 5, 2014, barely

The vehicles all have their own Mediatronic fingerprint.

M1 Snaptite 1/35 background

M1 Cyberhobby 1/35

M1A2 Tusk Tamiya 1/35

  • urban combat
  • encounter non-combatants, civilians (us citizens)
  • ethnic neighborhoods
  • Tagging freestyle, every Fridays at 20:00 (grafitti)
  • telephone for infantry

M1 Tamiya 1/16

  • suspension conforms to ground or things run over
  • close up warnings only infantry could see

Humvee Tamiya 1/35 (with acoustic weapon)

What are your top tunes for rendition? 9thPsyops@3EB.us

Stryker 1/35

March 4, 2019

cannon - "hearing loss hazard, wear ear protection when weapon is firing"

treads -  "sight loss hazard, wear eye protection when wheels and tracks are engaged"

treads - "limb loss hazard, stay clear when vehicle is in motion"

turret - "warning - concussion hazard. stay alert to turret and weapon position during battle"

garb handles - I'm a stowage compartment. Touch here for an inventory of contents.

warning - RADIATION detected - prolonged exposure could be fatal. CBRN suit REQUIRED... EVACUATE immediately... STAY BACK... DANGER...

hazmat suits

3rd Earth Battalion, because 3's the charm



February 16, 2018

Love Conquers All

We Come in Peace

To Serve Man, we have the recipes! (Twilight Zone homage)

Unity, Diversity

Third Earth Battalion

We are here for the right reasons

Nothing less than evolution

B Company 9th Psyops Battalion (Crazy Rulers of the World music CD collection)

From December 1, 2015 An Ancient Monster/

God Bless This Mess, We come in Peace, Thank You for Your Full Cooperation, Liberty and Justice for All, regardless of Cosmic Resonance, Gender Identity, Genetic Variance or Net Worth

from August 02, 2014 welcome to dog

dead tanks with black mediatronics still flickering

  • “your home is secure, your family is safe”
  • “everyone is cooperating”
  • “remain calm and follow rational path” (in chinese too)
  • “it’s getting better all the time”
  • “thanks for your cooperation"
  • urban renewal, urban outreach battalion
  • urban intimacy and outreach UIAO

mediatronic mining from 05

we encourage personnel to make fortunate mistakes
an inflexible command isn't worth an anarchist’s sock
what would dorothy do?
fascism by the pound
my empire right or wrong
america is not a flag
free florida

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