An Ancient Monster / Nuclear Waste Repository / Joe’s Lair / Haunted Castle / Poisoned Land

overview, mediatronic tank messages – welcome-to-dog/

excerpt – 2014/10/31/rosie-shoot-and-ideas-for-opening-sequence/
could be a mad military song repeating, the humvee’s speakers
instead of signs [ 10-31-14 like the announcements on Catch 22, friendly upbeat voice]

Approaching over a series of still shots, passing tangled and obscure military wreckage in the foreground, we see what seems to be the ancient aftermath of a fierce battle with military transports, an M1 Abrams tank configured for urban combat, Humvees and lots of skeletons in moldering uniforms, with breathing gear (air cylinders, regulators), dosimeter badges, mostly black or gray overall-ed contractors (mercenaries). They may be wearing reflective mylar overalls which have shredded and tend to flutter / float in the light breeze. [1]

The tanks and trucks are covered with mediatronic advertising that is still somewhat functional, flashing insipid propaganda and kitchy commercial advertising, (God Bless This Mess, We come in Peace, Thank You for Your Full Cooperation, Liberty and Justice for All, regardless of Cosmic Resonance, Gender Identity, Genetic Variance or Net Worth). Massive vault doors have been blown partially from their mounts, exposing a gaping black entrance. A rather dim and kiltered strobe is flashing atop another sign near the doors, visible only in the closest view (Severe Radiation Exposure When Flashing). There’s a big sign, (Nuclear Waste Repository), that is mostly lying on the ground atop a mangled support structure. Big sign is placed to be visible facing towards tunnel and away for reverse later. Above the tunnel and excavated into the hill are bunker windows possibly with machine gun nest. There might be fluttering remnants of uniform up there or flag, all supporting a solid reverse shot later as we’ll be looking back from this vantage as Uncle Joe rides away.

The scene is so cluttered with death and the promise of death that it almost seems a little over the top, as if someone with a sizable set budget got a little carried away. Almost a haunted or cursed castle feel, events too terrible to imagine hang in the air, unspeakable horrors lie in the shadows, napping.

Is this an abandoned nuclear waste storage facility… or only a delicious simulation? Could some entity have gone to a lot of trouble to create a life like diorama of dire conflict and nuclear contamination just to ward off scavengers and the curious? A theme park with a dark agenda? What is this place really?

How to hint that the extreme nature of the scene is not cliche film making, but somehow an artifact of the DOG universe… and gentle exposition.

The audio is nat sound and muted streaming amateur audio broadcasts with buzzing transitions, not unlike shortwave but with a digital twist, synthie twist. Not clear where this is coming from.

[1] Full sized skeleton dressed in coveralls, with weapon, etc. and shot from 3 angles corresponding to the 3 live action perspectives 1) far and mid towards tunnel, (scaled) 2) close towards tunnel, 3) high and reverse from inside tunnel bunker. Shot on white or grey (not black) background for compositing, green/blue reflections and mylar could present complications if attempting chroma key. Use barn and shack driveway for location, from loft for high reverse and towards barn for tunnel approach. Approaching shots could feature a fluttering mylar scrap with a distorted reflection of mediatronic ad and tank silhouette blocking most of the frame.

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