Introduction to the DOG world, all the characters, then both backstory and instant whirl wind tour through quixotic vignettes.

#1, #2, #3 tunnel approach

#7 Joe standing in secret installation.

Signage – This Hideyhole® espionage command center is currently cloaked by the nuclear waste repository scenario, a durable, all weather glamour that provides an effective deterrent to refugees when used as directed. The corpse simulations are printed with patented Fungal Synthex ® for realism in both sight, scent and feel and are virtually indiscernible from human tissue without cross referenced DNA analysis, while remaining impervious to decomposition and inedible for decades. So whether trysting with an apprentice spy or deploying a major operation, count on Hideyhole to stay super top secret. Coded to you and your teams unique etheric aural prints.


The nuclear waste repository is a choreographed fake. It’s meant to scare off the curious (and terminate the unauthorized).

mediatronic tanks!

  • dead tanks with black mediatronics still flickering
  • “your home is secure, your family is safe”
  • “everyone is cooperating”
  • “remain calm and follow rational path” (in chinese too)
  • “it’s getting better all the time”
  • “thanks for your cooperation”
  • urban renewal, urban outreach battalion
  • urban intimacy and outreach UIAO

nuclear waste repository (need highway sign scaffold)

big blast doors

brown the pine trees

dessicated skeletons

Closeup on the streams, what plaque is moldering there? Milton Freidman? What other icon of stupid excess can we lampoon, blame and generally slam? Is there an Edward Bernays foundation?


So i roughed in a plaque for the museum of public relations and wall street. If nature is reclaiming anything, what is she reclaiming? The qualities and institutions that threatened the automatic life support, that took the gift of life for granted. Lack of connection with the moment trends toward gullibility, ignorance, and fascination with abstractions, of which these institutions were iconic.

We’ve got mighty military, petro, consumption, growth economy, surveillance (narcissism, fame), gadgetry (fascinating baubles), she’s popping packing bubbles, (rendering the useful useless) he’s napping and disoriented, death as theater, preppers, leaning empire (hasn’t fallen yet, there are still agents of empire at large) “the empire never ended”, alien slugs that love our money, cars to the max, leisure and travel turned upside down,

house needs a sign

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