Progressive Glossary

An attempt to introduce the story elements as a progression, each concept building on what came before. This is probably part world building and part exogesis, a bit of playful sand boxing on my current (early 2019) perspective as a blooming entity.

Dualitya divine simulation of occlusion which supports the endless flowering of consciousness.

The EarthThe self aware planetary entity and cosmic epicenter of duality. In geek speak, the platform running the sim.

The Clique - up until the mid 20th century, 100 million spiritually evolved and hyper intelligent entities embodied as humans who have assumed responsibility for the health of the Earth. Effectively ageless and immortal, though they can choose to age and die.

Sleepers - anyone who isn't Clique. Also Mins, a short hand for humans, (men / women) and a reference to the Clique's experiencing non Clique as miniaturized - like what the Greek gods see gazing down from the top of Mount Olympus, how a computer game represents players as smears of pixels, the grainy images displayed on surveillance screens or the tiny targets identified for drone strikes.

The Great Plan of the Clique - the reversal of environmental decline by massive rewilding of the Earth through dramatic depopulation events, aka the Apocalypse, intended to reduce human presence from 7 billion souls to about 100 million, or pretty much just the Clique with a smattering of sleepers to fuck with.

Projects - what the Cliques do to keep busy. Usually involves messing with the sleepers, blunting their perceived reality and snatching up their most interesting innovations.

Uncle Joe - The Cliques rogue trickster who secretly subverted the Great Plan

Daughter of God - or DOG, an incarnation of the divine feminine and a decisive follow through to the subversion of the Great Plan, the delicious mayhem of unexpected symmetry. Uncle Joe's pet project / magnum opus.

The Myco Network - a component of Earth's neural instantiation. The ubiquitous mycelial interconnection of all life on land.

The Box Network - the Clique's version of the myco network. A distributed quantum computer and nearly self aware AI posing as relief boxes for sleepers who survive the apocalypse, utilized by the Clique for surveillance and thought guidance. Deployed as mediatronic covered cardboard boxes containing eclectic relief supplies. The boxes flash primitive monochrome graphics designed to entice survivors, displaying both the contents of the relief boxes and advertisements for extinct products and services. The content of the boxes service a vast plethora of human tastes, there's something for everyone, which pretty much guarantees that the mediatronic boxes get dragged back to every hidey hole and hovel. Kind of like iPhones in our times.

Mediatronics - Inspired by Neal Stephanson's novel Diamond Age, the mid 21 century saw the advent of cheap computational paint. Comprised of a dense concentration of nano devices including processors, antennae, cameras, display devices and solar cells suspended in a self curing resin medium, Mediatronics could be applied to any surface to make that surface interactive, able to record audio and images, display images and send / receive data over a range of 10 meters. If during the curing process, mediatronic surfaces detected cured mediatronics nearby that surface would self assemble powerful repeaters that could boost data transmission up to several miles. In this way, mediatronic surfaces could interconnect across vast distances. The first iteration of the technology was low resolution monochrome , a full color version was undergoing testing just as the apocalypse went down. Because of the low cost and utility for advertising, instruction and propaganda, mediatronics was adopted by both civilian and military entities and became utterly ubiquitous.

Gerry - a hacker tinkerer previously hamstrung by the Clique but lately under the invisible protection of Uncle Joe, who single handedly discovers how to integrate the Box and Myco networks and become them. Also the father and eventual protector of a DOG.

Christina - one of the unwitting mothers designated by Uncle Joe to conceive and birth a DOG or perhaps the DOG. She has known Uncle Joe since kid-hood and was provided by him with unique cognitive attributes that allowed her to convert the terrors of apocalyptic into thriving.

The Big Boat - a former Canadian ice breaker, now the home of Gerry, Christina and about 50 other refugees. Also the location of Gerry's mycelial / box integration and weird science lab. Big boats are desirable homes for refugees as they are mobile and have infrastructure for power and light. Converted to methane co-power, generated by poop composting.

Magic, Weird Science - all the most interesting technology humans have ever devised, usurped by the Clique and deleted from the collective memory of sleepers.

Theme Park Earth - The first release of duality, version 1.0. A playground instantiated by divinity for productive forgetting, deliberate hide and seek. From the perspective of self ignorance, divinity is able to stumble upon and revel in new aspects of itself. The engine of continuous universal expansion. Associated with colorful metaphors including divine sleep, the dream of reality, original sin, maya, illusion... The experience of duality includes utter astonishment, disorientation, confusion, intense curiosity about and involvement with exquisite trivia, a nagging feeling of missing something crucial, yearning after the seemingly impossible, etc. In other words - good times 🙂 In contrast, the experience of divinity or fullness is ease, chilling, connection with all things, love, delight, possibility, humor... In other words - good times 🙂

Theme Park Earth Enhancement - In the metaphor of divine dreaming, the Clique are insomniacs - they sleep fitfully. Annoyed to be constantly waking up and feeling fullness smack dab in the middle of duality, they eventually interpreted their wakefulness as purposeful - they were (obviously) the designated stewards of duality and the Clique tasked themselves with improving the mechanisms of divine forgetfulness. The upshot was that after the Clique discovered their purpose, duality became soporific to the extreme and hardly anyone else ever remembered what they really were. The Clique viewed this as an improvement on Version 1.0 operating under the assumption that more is always better.

Dead Birds - the disappearance of many avian species was unforeseen collateral damage from the apocalypse. Bird corpses became associated with the spread of weaponized pathogens, and were a source of fear and loathing among the refugees and survivors. As distant relatives to the dinosaurs, birds recalled a previous mass extinction event. From a magical perspective, the transition of so many birds provided a wide open path to the afterlife and by proxy access to advice of dead relatives, experts, famous people...

Has groping in dark amped up divine expansion? Check the stats.

Third Earth Battalion - from goat staring, remote viewing and military spookiness to... Bought 3 domains, build a TRIPPY site for this. Rewrite the manual.

Dominique - Jeannine Deckers 03/04/19 - DOG's version, "Veronique" a Cathar saint.

People's Poetry Slam 02/26/19 - repurposing Signals from a Nearby Now

Mediatronics - Military 02/16/19 what's the armor displaying

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