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  • Third Earth Battalion . us √
  • 3rd Earth Battalion . us √
  • TEB . us (taken)

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At the close of the 20th century, the New Age Movement and the United States Military were merged in Jim Channon's First Earth Battalion Manual. Misguided and incomplete applications of 1EB precepts caused an expansion of "thought combatants" worldwide, catalyzing a comprehensive reevaluation and establishment of the Second Earth Battalion at the start of the 21 Century. Talent and energy notwithstanding, the 2EB didn't fully meet expectations. "Mistakes are just opportunities in drag", was the mantra of Major Grace Emhotep, architect of what would become 3EB. She fused human potential, the invisible hand of the free market and edge technologies into the formidable war fighting force that is the Third Earth Battalion.

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