V4 for I2

That's Script Synopsis Version 4 for Screener Iteration 2. See Script Synopsis V2 for more elaborate descriptions of what each chunk is about. This replaces Script Synopsis V3.

What I'm excited for

feeling a sense of flow from scene to scene

• describing the scenes with enough detail to know how to realize them and build a strong flow

the dog universe feels internal self consistent, overall

• outline links to -> everything excellent

outline -> specific scene details and concepts -> alternates, archives

simplifying or loosing clunky ideas




Sequence - Prelude

Why Prelude?

√ Scene • Road River - Near Here, Almost Now

Joe teaches oral history to the future, the start of a fairy tale, Once Upon a Time.

√ Scene • Carnage Theme Park

Armor staging area at Nuke Waste Repository, Joe's secret hideout.

Scene • iStone - Surveillance before Big Boat

need synopsis and current edit

Schtick with Uncle Phil and Cousin Eiji, see and hear Christina, check in on Gerry.

Scene • Uncle Joe's Hideout

need synopsis and current edit

we've jumped in...
merely establishing the location, or something else?
finger touching hand made control panel (like Gerry's) see reference for this interface
or holds up IRock (iRock is magic) - make throwing away iRock later mean even more

Scene • Bicycle Ejaculation

need synopsis and current edit

Exiting the Hideout. Like sperm, navigating the harsh inter uterine environment on the way to the egg

Scene • Femur retracts

need synopsis and current edit

iStone "Hideout security activated", the whole thing is a sham

Scene • Accelerated Hideout Departure

need synopsis and current edit

departure from tunnel, accelerating away from farthest shot, some nasty apoco comes into the frame up in the hills as the road rolls away. Scene • Joe Traveling - depart Hideout

√ Scene • Road River - Big Boat Route

Sequence - Theme Song

Why Theme Song

Scene • Post Apocalyptic Chardash - Flashes of extrapolation to come

What Joe sees / has seen traveling...

Scene • Show Theme FUDIP

Music and Opening Credits. Introduce Christina, Gerry, Big Boat, iStone map displays progress towards the big boat with icons, ends with Christina closing the door to her cabin.

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 01

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter

Sequence - Introduction

Why Introduction

√ Scene • Road River - Big Boat Route

Joe's getting closer, map with big boat
Apocolyptic cutaway

√ Scene • Collapsing Quantum Wave Functions - Christina in her cabin with bubble wrap.

Development of Christina
Collapsing Quantum Wave Functions - Doesn't have to mean anything, Cathar magic is mysterious
fragmented flashbacks and forward - kidhood, (Ada out takes) fire

√ Scene • Road River - Big Boat Route

Joe almost there

√ Scene • Paul's Pype - The Fungus Box Fusion

We were born yesterday!
Development of Gerry + Introducing BOX
Gerry in his cabin sleeping, the BOX can see the audience and welcomes them, gives an enthusiastic tour of Gerry's gizmos, development of Gerry. Last line, "Gerry!"

√ Scene • Ring - Christina is brought back abruptly

√ Scene • Hello - Flashback! re-memory of meeting Roger, the ET

√ Scene • But... you're Dead - Raising a significant objection

√ Scene • Just Open the Door - Hero's invitation 1/3

√ Scene • Here I Come

Christina stands up and approaches door, stops

Scene - Joe's farewell speech to the Clique

Flashback! Young Christina eavesdrops on Joe's phone call, becomes an elaborate speech before an audience of dolls.

√ Scene • I'm opening the door

√ Scene • Best Scenario Yet - Flashback! Childhood promise

Scene • Creaky - what's waiting for her out there...

Scene • Can I Come In? - Hero's invitation 2/3

Scene • Check It Out - Joe inserts magic disc

Scene • That's him - Hero's invitation 3/3, "Now?!"

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 02

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter

Sequence - ACT I

Why Act I

>+2 Scene • Boxes response - Gerry sleeping still...

Scene • Date Dance - recapitulating consumer tropes with costume

Scene • At Gerry's Door - In the hallway, about to knock

Scene • Grown Up Ghost - Reading PKD to young Christina

Scene • At Gerry's Door - Knock

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 03

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter

Sequence - ACT II

Why Act II

Scene • ACT II

Scene • I've been sent by God...

Scene • We Just Have To - Christina at a loss

Scene • Road River

> Scene • Joe's boot hint

Scene • It's God

>+2 Scene • Road River

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 04

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter

Sequence - ACT III

Why Act III

Scene • Do It Again

Scene Spook Office - Uncle Joe, I haven't seen him in days

Scene • This Is Your Uncle Joe

Scene • Box Ubiquity

Boxes in many locations waking up. Changes propagating...

√ Scene • Road River - Teach the Future

iStone interface - Future transmission mode, Lena. Begin Arborealists

√ Scene • People's Poetry Slam - Arborealists + Boxes

ends with Lena standing, interrupted by iStone Automated Transmission

√ Scene • Road River - Automated Transmission

the Clique's apocalyptic machinery is regressing forms, Joe gets a broadcast from the robotic controller to "all field operatives". Joe sees forms along the road devolving.

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 05

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter

Sequence - Act IV

Why Act IV

Scene • Joe tosses iPhone away

Uncle Joe (in suit). He decommissions the rock somehow, perhaps with a display. He throws the rock into the grand canyon, ocean, into outer space, (repetition of throwing motion with 3 different backdrops).

Scene • The Box looses Joe

Joe is gone, where is Joe?

Scene • Death of Uncle Joe

Matching shot of him walking out of frame and transition to furry guy same direction. "Three years later..."

Scene • Buffalo Joe roams the land

a wooly cloaked figure roams across a desolate wintry landscape

identity is shrouded by hood


Scene • Burned boxes

wandering by a field of burnt boxes

CU of hand stirring the ashes

another cluster of burnt boxes, briefly stops

another cluster, passes by

√ Scene • People's Poetry Slam Bonfire

The People do their thing, then Joe. Joe's ode to the boxes isn't received well, the people don't trust the boxes, they leave. Great Kahuna throws box on fire. Burning box, message for Joe.

Joe hasn't gotten close to a box lately because for reasons unknown to him, they've been taking them to remote places and burning them. He doesn't really think too much about this, until they burn one in front of him. This proximity allows the BOX to finally make contact with him.

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 06

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter

Sequence - Act V

Why Act V

Scene • Buffalo Joe Traveling

Forest Walking (fallen trees)
Rowboat - On lake + On river w/Snow

morning meditations

repeated dawn and Joe meditating in different locations. maybe he never sleeps. holy vampire

Crying on concrete

Buffalo Joe emerges from the forest and encounters a slab of concrete which flashes him back to the comet that wiped out manhattan. he embraces the concrete and sobs. "I don't know why this is only hitting me now, I feel so sad." Looking up and around "Oh, yes I have your love, always available." Back at the concrete, "Yet here on Earth they were so adorably quirky and confused. They'll never be that way again."

Scene • Buffalo Joe and The Box V4

Scene • Plant the Dirt Bike

Scene • Opening the Cache Guns and Motorcycle, Groovy Cut

Scene • Shaving (darkened corner)

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 06

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter

Act VI

Scene • To the Mountain Top (Dune)

Scene • Negotiating with Veronique

Scene • DOG twins throw down

Scene • BOX monster over hilltop ROARS

Scene • little girl scared, scooped up by her Dad / Uncle Joe

Scene • now she won't remember a thing until her first menses. Heaven help us then

Post Apocalyptic Interstitial 07

Almost a non sequitar, new chapter


Scene • Credits

What makes a Scene and Scene?

every scene advances, moves one or more things forward, also tho completely autonomous and stand alone, makes sense as a tiny moment itself

Christina Flashbacks / Re-memories

Joe Teaches the Future

  • Scene • opening
  • Scene • People's Poetry Slam Lena

Joe Traveling

Joe Wisdom

  • Scene • Joe Placing Miniatures, ("realism is really more a suggestion than an assertion") The flicker of a hand arranging the tanks or some other miniature, giving the hint that the whole scenario is arranged.
  • Scene • (there is other stuff)

[09-30-19] not sure what this was... Scene • Breakthrough. Something Uncle Joe said to her. We will save the world. You will save the world. Anything else we need to say?


Summation so far, tanks and military wreckage, a secret hideout that isn't what it appears to be, a peak at Christina and Gerry through Surveillance, exit the secret hideout then road trip which triggers the theme song which basically says, we are starting the show. We see in RL Christina and Gerry, the Big Boat. This ends with Christina closing the door to her cabin. If we go back to the road (and iRock map, Joe getting closer)


Fade to road. Stuff going by, (the real story) Iteration 2 we plug in the People. For now, placeholders and scenes that describe what he's talking about. Wall Street Under Water, Smart Money, Open Season, Canyon Princess. When switching between Joe and People, sometimes there's interstitial moments and sometimes we go straight to the people gathering.

> Scene • Road River C1 - Fauna ("lasers" under Open Season)

Scene • Open Season

Scene • Road River C2 - "scientists are found"