This is a fairy tale, which implies the opposite, no it ain't

visual - Road River flowing by, bike tire spinning.

visual - Perhaps boots and pants view pumping, or just close-up of iStone with legs pumping in the background. (test this, the composition should feel very simple, uncluttered. Maybe legs pumping in slow mo, super soft focus and iStone / interface very prominent and fisheyed, a bit distorted around the edges.

iStone icons / teach the future, clock and graduate cap or clock and apple. Finger brushes icon.

British woman's voice or just text. "Teach the future..."

"local regression is likely. Continue?"

Finger brushed icon.

visual - Road River, audio - Joe clears throat

If you could tell yourself something
from this back to then
would you whisper be gentler
or for god sake more sin?

if you could rewrite your present
by visiting your past
would you try to be gentler
or kick some more ass?

why mourn that lost lover
heart broken and how?
when another you’s smiling
near here, almost now

As we hear Joe speak these lines, there are echos of repetition, perhaps immediately following what Joe says, perhaps chiming in with him. stanza one, could be Joe solo. Then stanza two there's an echo, or lines repeating after him. Stanza three, there's a chorus of voices, more joining, and by the end they are all in sync, strong. They could also be like a radio transmitter, coming from far away.


a very minimal peak at the iStone interface, a blurry tease. OR road river and audio only, tinny British woman's voice confirming interface selections, with browsing and clicking noises. Big vocal finale and black!

What if the echos were all voices of children? Implying that Joe is making the future by changing kids alive now, or more convoluted, grabbing the future which then reaches back Michael Brown Presence Process style and alters the experience of the past, childhood memories. Eerie.