The surreal and salient concepts from the First Earth Battalion Manual by Jim Channon circa 1979, to inspire military mediatronics. Channon pulled from the New Age movement and Ron Johnson opines that FEB influenced the prosecution of the Iraq War in 2003. Along with torture and psyops products at Abu Graib and Guantanamo I'd include 911 and Shock and Awe.

Eerie to evaluate FEB from my own perspective as a blooming fullness. I notice much misunderstanding. One might extrapolate from the skewed perspectives presented in FEB to where the American military is now, will go. Also assuming a cache of magics and weird science in the darkest programs.

We can assume that there's an updated version of this manual for the 21st century. Another DOG Deep Development document can imagine that, especially now with the influence of the Clique. How has the "modern" military integrated, adapted and occluded the leading edge of consciousness?

I am fascinated by this process, seeing the mistakes and flawed premises in FEB, how Channon's document flowed out of consumerfication of self discovery which is to say deflection and obscuration. In hindsight, the New Age movement felt like psyops.  So many aspects of American experience have been optimized for mediocrity - history, health, science - why not curiousity about and exploration of what we essentially are? This most especially!

Study Thrusts

  • process of influencing people
  • process of control
  • the dynamics of change
  • nature of interdependence
  • the science of systems
  • dynamics of force readiness


  • Time = change
    • lessons = past
    • realities = present
    • dreams and visions = future
  • An Earth Battalion
    • Earth
      • what we know about a shrinking world
      • interdependence among men, nations and natural resources
    • Battalion
      • directed to our army
      • and entity which all soldiers can comprehend

[A bit fuzzy and overblown on the cutting edge mainstream science circa 1979. That means that his audience might not be very literate about general science.]

  • "to paint these implications green" as in environmental or army green?
  • "describe... an Army battalion somewhere out ahead of us on the track of time."
  • "You're invited to envision the future... then bring that to our Army"
  • "what the mind of man can conceive, the will of man can achieve"
  • "basic army perspective" [which is what? guess we'll find out]
  • "any living thing (individual or aggregate) that's not adapting, adjusting, learning, changing ••• is either dying or it's dead."

[Science fiction as an influence? Star Wars - real life Jedi. Only Episode 4 had come out at this point. Star Wars not hard science, more of a mythic reprise, different from imagining the future, extrapolating.]

FORWARD graphic

  • "ethical use of force... (army)... evolve into a master culture"
  • "soldiers can be the principle moral and ethical base on which the political can harmonize in the name of the EARTH" [I know what I'd like that to mean... that soldiers prevent the government from planning and launching offensive operations. But it really could mean almost anything. Like a prophecy that could be interpreted in many ways.]


  • "It is time to go from nation to planet. the FIRST EARTH BATTALION hereby declares it's primary allegiance to the planet." [hmm...]


  • "using the force of an attacker against him... (is the) ethical basis"
  • "No EARTH soldier shall be denied the kingdom of heaven because they are used as an instrument of indiscriminate war."
  • develop conscience together with ability to neutralize opponent [paraphrase]

[Ronson opines that Bush administration was influenced by FEB. Artistic document influences Neocons, like Architecture of Doom. Their application was 911, Shock and Awe, Guantanamo torture - serious military fuckery]


  • "Earth Battalion is a spirit. A pilot community of warrior monks who recycle, live amidst nuclear reactors and await deployment to tension spots." [What a weird juxtapostion of elements. Kind of nonsensical and engaging simultaneously.]


  • [Lots of defunct and forgotten movements and orgs but hey, isolation tanks!]


  • "...not important (to) move up in the organization, only that your skill level moves up. Leaders will be those whose chosen skill is group interworking and spiritual development."


  • "The uniform must serve the soldier's given task but must equally serve to share... personality"


  • "the group... is multiplied in strength if that soldier truly loves the other members of the unit. ...maximum combat power available." [sketchy tensegrity metaphor]


  • "FEB is not mission oriented... potential oriented. look everywhere to find non-destructive methods of control. JFC Fuller, father of mechanized warfare... omni-directional thinker and member of the occult" [Who the F is this? Research!]


  • "FEB jobs based on capability. Sex, age, color or religious preference are not considerations. ... programmed to feel pressure to realte to each other sexually. Protocol can be overcome by absolute interdependence of all participants until a level of trust is developes that supercedes any kind of sexual relationship. Fortunately love is still the by-product."


  • "The President needs a wider range of options in the 1980s. Force has lost legitimacy." [When was force ever legit?]


  • As a leader during war, I must know that if soldiers must die... that it's for the right reasons. [But how does the soldier decide... or even consider?]
  • Soldiers can be a part of the evolution of this EARTH. [implying awakening and blooming for all beings on the planet, OR survival of the fittest? Interpretation.]


  • "martial arts, one learns a number of possible countermoves against different types of possible enemies." [this is an impoverished understanding of martial arts, to be sure. a professional soldier who doesn't know what he's talking about]
  • "all possible engagements are wargamed until each soldier has the routine cold. FEB operates in the absence of commands from it's leaders who may be out of touch..." [The opponent only has to trigger a reaction to a (familiar) wargamed scenario while executing another unexpected one. That's the story of every battle ever won. Getting leaders out of the loop, removing the objective overview makes misdirection even more likely. What an argument for Adam Robert's New Model Army]
  • "All warrior monks, but an interdependence of New Age skills as well." [New Age skills is a catch all for stuff Channon doesn't understand 😀 The more I read, the more I feel this document can mean whatever the reader already believes. In that sense, it's formidable.]

BATTLE TUNING [hilarious]

  • yogic cat stretch [gotta have some yoga or else it's not New Age]
  • primal scream and leap
  • belgian waffle [?!]
  • speed or morning thunder tea [hard pharma vs celestial seasonings!]
  • karate kate [kata?]
  • primal low frequency lights [say what?]
  • paced primal rock in our ears
  • discordant sounds for them [accoustic weapon]
  • advance


  • there are new age ideas with great power for the first body who decides to use them


  • the american indian... his shield was a representation of his skills and predispositions... FEB soldiers encouraged to represent themselves well in their dress... 12 pointed star with each axis clipped to reveal a dimension on standard personality test. [hierarchy loves to categorize! personality test results highly subjective, plus the shield metaphor implies that the individual made his own shield, not forced to wear their score on a standardized test. Misses the point of the shield. However, if we went with my take on the shield, this trend could be suggested by the uniforms in the carnage, like the custom skins on first person shooters like Fortnite. Still army but with approved variants selected by each individual. wings, flaring epaulets, bandoliers that change color depending on circumstance. ha, yes]


  • heart of good health = positive mental attitude [correct]
  • aerobic exercise [among so many other things]
  • good food [good luck in a big ag dominated food supply]



  • "FEB tactical operations employ every new age centering tool to insure our fire coordinates do their job of neutralizing surgically" [Both ominous and nonsensical. Will they use crystals to determine fire coordinates? Identify enemies by which books are bought on Amazon?]
  • [word goulash]
    • samadi tank
    • centering with mentations prior to entering
    • lights with colors selected to coincide with analytical thought
    • trip through bamboo sounds
    • neutralization oriented electronic map display


  • conjecture about tech advancements that are reality today


  • seek... personal path to GOD
  • actively improve physical condition
  • master self control for combat
  • understand others
  • reinforce team interdependence
  • actively serve people and planet
  • induldge in happiness and humor

[I bet Channon could have come up with some good bullets points for BULLDOZER or DEPLETED URANIUM]

battle scenario FEB

  • "for they would have to bloody the (FEB) in their path before they could attack... and the world would know."


  • The universe yields wonderful energies for those who rise above physical mechanics.


  • go to nuclear release sites and be a clear and present reminder of what exists at the other end of a button


  • You are my connection to the universe... and all that comes after


  • set up a network wthin your army and with friends in any army. Soon continental coordinators will emerge...

natural technologies for the soldier

  • blaa, blaa, blaa
  • psychotronics - acid rock out of sync. sonic frequencies bombard the enemy bringing their intelligence down
  • master strategies - evolution of mind
  • spiritual zeal - military tasks aligned with spiritual commitment


  • We find New Age Samuri are sprinkled throughout the world and waiting for a common banner under which they can serve


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