(2)  Use game board, introduce “Pedestrian” on board, “Start” and “Finish” represented by racing flags.


(3)  Come up with a way to represent “Contrasty”


(6)  Introduce “Tardybear” somehow. Introduce idea of end images breaking apart when She says “No”.


(9)  “Thinking out loud over here”—B.J.’s thought bubbles pop and Gerry’s cabin appears on last pop. 


(11)  Needs more ideas (1/27 melonie added more)


(16)  Needs more development. Musical notes for color?


(18)  Needs development


(19) Joe C. can play with hourglass development


(28)  Develop “Synergistically integrated. Yes. 11”  vegetable


(29)  Add cat into crystal to fungi sequence


(32)  Add palm tree


(46)  Maybe Kline bottle instead of chalice.