Keep on Top - Intro

As we reach out for She Box's language, two forks. 1) visualizing existing dialogue and 2) discovering what a wild image might mean, imply, suggest.

A wild image is an intriguing visual idea that may not have an immediate match to existing dialogue. Wild images are captured and explained here. This page might eventually split into specific categories of imagery.



Pattern for the trippy realm or animated place holder for shebox though and or blushing.

Occult musings of the scientist/alchemist, same as below: reference from which to overlay with our own important symbols.

Occult musings of the mystic... a good starting point in which to map over with our own fun symbols, nods and references.

Vitruvian Man, from Leonardo. The simple idea of squaring the circle being an ancient mathematical riddle and placing "man" in the nexus between the two symbolic worlds of the earthly and the divine lends this image well to the story line in DOG - I feel like there's more here... will research.

Finger flicks head (all-seeing eye) off of pyramid, the eye inside the pyramid rotates and transforms into seed then into sprout as the sides of the pyramid rotate out to form an open box with the flower emerging - an image for the new world!

Alter to escape copyright infringement but for recurring references to fungi - 8bit is beautiful.

"Do you have another question?" but convert Mario to an 8bit version of Ghost Buffalo Joe.

Trippy the Cat. An easy way to draw any animal, invented by me and probably Timmy Lane in St Patrick's grade school. On the right, he fits in a circle, probably lots of different ways. The double loop that make the eyes is a symbol in electrical circuit diagrams for inductor or reactance. I don't understand reactance, but inductors oppose any changes in current through them.

Do the characteristics of RL primitives suggest a correspondence to ideas or feelings? I wanted to map out simple shapes along two axis, #sides and #edges, and see if any relationships became apparent. Objects get more complex going down and right. Curved surfaces are equivalent to planes. The half sphere and mobius strip should be shifted to the right, 2 sides and 1 edge.  I started this during shoulder treatment with Master Ru. Note that simple shapes like cubes (boxes) and prisms are far to the left, off the chart.


Various primitives and platonic solids in detail.

Some variation on eyes, symbols objects replacing the functional mechanisms, to say what exactly?

On the left, maybe this means seeing as She Box might see, seeing herself or maybe "look at me".

On the right we see the deeper variant, the divinity Daughter of God symbol. How does the meaning change?

What could be fun is to have the eye blink and then these variants appear and are blinked away.

She Box cosmic background radiation, ant wars, mediatronic ubiquity visualization. What does the processing of all her boxes / body look like? Not quite day dreams, non specific cognition, mentation of a distributed sentience. Top left, riffing on a Matrix viewport sans cathode ray tube phosphor green. Grayscale with opacity fade. Screen captures of the symbols from the movie for reference. If she's doing this, she's playing.

Same goes for bottom left. The iconic mysterious spaceship interface, blinky squares.

Then bottom right, a nod towards authenticity. The hexagons represent the 6 sides of each box, grouped into hexagonal regions, the "bottoms" touching earth, grounded into the mycelial network. Hexagons grouped as to orientation in a specific geography, one hex representing all outside boxes with north facing sides, building up a composite totality of "north". Another hexagon representing all ground facing sides building up a composite of mycelial activity. I wonder what her fundamental reception is most oriented towards and how to represent the juicy interface she has without skimping. The cosmos will light our path!