• pines backplate brighter
  • backplate reverse

sneak up on box

  • peeking from tree 1 POV
  • peeking from tree 2 POV
  • peeking from tree 3 POV
  • peeking from tree 1 Box
  • peeking from tree 2 Box
  • peeking from tree 3 Box

carrying box up hill

  • departing from camera
  • side view 1
  • side view 2
  • side view 3
  • side view long 1
  • side view long 2
  • snow 1
  • snow 2
  • snow 3
  • snow side view long 1
  • snow side view long 2
  • arrrival at mountain top
  • arrival at mountain top with snow (alternate)

Crying on Concrete and Comet Strike

  • meditation at dawn (or dusk)
  • 1 take, 2 cameras - approach and close up of concrete
  • low angle, concrete prominent in foreground
  • Joe collapses, looks up into second camera

Buffalo and the Box Act 3

Bathing with Box

  • inventory of what's left to get before shaving
    • ___ ACT 3 look down into pines - maybe snow w/transition
    • ___ Crying on Concrete and Comet Strike - no snow
    • Bathing with Box - "Can I take a shower, I mean a bath, is there time?" - snowing ok
    • ___ Walking with Box up pines - maybe snow starting (SATURDAY)
    • Playing with Box - running, jumping, dancing, making out with Box - green screen or blue sky and slo mo, looking up at hill top and silhouettes
    • Trimmed while Tripping - green screen
    • extras
      • ___ huddling in the rain x 3 - no snow, too late
      • gathering greens for soup, drinking soup (too late, unless garlic mustard)
      • finding / making chaga - (too late no leaves)
      • ___ little fires - no snow, too late
      • ___ squirrel skinning - no snow, too late
    • ___ Morning Meditations - dawn and light increase time lapse to reveal Joe meditating. Maybe he never sleeps? - no snow
    • ___ Dirt Bike Planting and Explosion - maybe snow w/ transition
    • ___ Box in situ - no snow
      • pines front shot
      • fungus pull focus

BJ and Box Act 1 and 2 confirm

BJ and Box Act 3

Probably in the pines.

Playing with Box

running, jumping, dancing, making out with Box

Crying on Concrete

Buffalo Joe emerges from the forest and encounters a slab of concrete which flashes him back to the comet that wiped out manhattan. he embraces the concrete and sobs. "I don't know why this is only hitting me now, I feel so sad." Looking up and around "Oh, yes I have your love, always available." Back at the concrete, "Yet here on Earth they were so adorably quirky and confused. They'll never be that way again."

This is red sky sunset in background maybe, he collapses into a faint. Sun sets and darkness falls (I wish).

Trimmed while Tripping

Beard Be Gone, original idea for shaving sequence that was since simplified, plus the dirt bike but some other pick-ups.

huddling in the rain x 3
gathering greens for soup, drinking soup
making chaga
little fires
squirrel skinning

Morning Meditations

dawn and light increase timelapse to reveal Joe meditating. Maybe he never sleeps?

Dirt Bike Planting and Explosion

Bury the bike and stand back. Dirt on Joe.

Bathing and other pickups

From Uncle / Buffalo Joe character

Joe after walking with the Box, Joe takes a bath, maybe brings the box in with him?

lots of business here - sobbing on concrete found in the forest, bathing in cow trough, walking under dead canopy, hugging tree and then pan up to dead branches, apples, waking up in flowers, meditation.

This Joe riff too, perhaps while walking with the Box?

What I can't forgive the Clique for is their insistence on a boring mythology that generates even more boring stories. Their forgetery protocols require a stale rehash of the conflict between good and evil, which has worn pretty thin over recent millennia for the obvious reason that there is no good and evil, much less a conflict. Take for example Oedipus. Now it's no big deal to sleep with your mom or your son if everyone's of age and consenting, am I right? I mean, before the global deletion there were whole porn sites dedicated to that theme. But back in ancient Greece sleeping with your mother or your son was a big taboo, so if you knowingly did you'd be a piece of shit. The story of Oedipus has a great premise, these two sleep together but with zero awareness that they are mom and son. No harm no foul, or so you'd think. All this potential for interesting plot twists but nope, good and evil... so they both have to freak out and kill and maim themselves.

I get that good and evil are a convenient shorthand for our grand and glorious duality, but after graduating from kindergarten, I think people are generally able to handle a few shades of gray.