Another observation about open source movie makery. The script, the storyboard, the casting, the pre-production, the primary production, post-production, chugga chugga.

Whatevs! This is more of a painter's approach. I didn't know this until right now. I want to sketch out some ideas, snippets of writing, maybe a screenplay, sketches, a clay landscape, read an influential book and then these strange attractors begin collecting resonant ideas and epiphanies. The movie accumulates, creation in waves. This thing that we laid out week or a year ago is calling us back, there's more to discover and it grows. Scenes are not made, they grow like Alan Watts Asian origins. "Mama, how did I grow?"

I am finding is the joy and the power of this process. Nobody else might understand, all that matters is that I embrace the revelations and KEEP GOING. I'm hooking into the flow with how movie making happens for me. Is it done yet? So not relevant. Ripening. Emerging.

A wave of inspiration rolls in, and then another and each time the sand castle is more defined. Each of my waves is a moring until at last I say, "Ah. Yes."

So I leave behind the idea that there's a sequence to follow, a recipe. If a sequence feels wonderful then I can sequence. Sequences facilitate collaboration maybe. For myself, I just flow whatever is ready right now. Surrounding myself with a creation environment that is robust, available, at hand. Yet more motivation to rock out Daughter of God, demonstrating this to myself.

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