A theme song begins, distant, echoing.

Cataclysmic scenes reel past as if viewed through a busted time machine, astounding, impossible. Iconic post apocalyptic cliches. Broken big kid toys. Lonely sandbox filled with snow.

Montage - Teasers of all the Hero scenes, (which we'll revisit unabridged), plus the flashes instantly assimilated.

Apocalyptic Diversions

  • Heros (4-5)
  • Scene • Post Apocalyptic Chardash (snippets of the above plus)
    • Scene • Return of the Saurians
    • Scene • Empire State, comet arrival (Joe sobbing at concrete)
    • Scene • Abrams silhouette (with dragon or terradactyl flyby?)
    • Scene • Saucers face-planted in field with dunes in the distance. Old farmer, "this works pretty good, made it myself." holds home made device with hand lettering "scalar weapon".
    • Scene • skeletal hand with credit cards and a box of twinkies
    • Scene • Melted Cityscape (Skyscrapers like candles, homage to Planet of the Apes sequels. Clay on foam armatures.)
    • Scene • Tsunami Aftermath (Container Ship wreckage with Big Boat) Longer hold, then in the background of big boat


Apocalyptic cutaways (exposition) are the things he sees along the way, when he's on the road (00065H+00076S)

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