Musical Transitions in Dogma Style

Establishing Christina's day dream reality, and making a distinction between these deliberate re-memories, sleeper cell triggered flashbacks and current events. Singing Veronique stitches together the People's Poetry Slam, from breaking branches to crackling fire of the performance bonfire. Other snicky snacky events. Could the bubble wrap be her remembering the future that the Daughter will bring to pass? She doesn't know about her Daughter, but that's trivial. Joe taught her the Cathar magic of multi-verse choosing, she's does this from a deep contemplative space.

Cathar Magic

[03-06-19 Christina is making Cathar Magic - Navigating / negotiating the multi-verse, collapsing quantum wave functions by popping bubble wrap. Using the mantra of her order, Veronique, taught to her by Uncle Joe, perhaps sub consciously.]

We hear the odd singing of a lone nun. We've heard this before, when the older guy was doing surveillance. Christina popping bubbles. The mother and daughter plaster can be see on the bureau behind Christina.

Maybe Christina at desk from another angle, more footage? Do we have? [03-06-19 Hands close-up with Lena!]


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