This may not be strictly a movie making thing only, definitely applicable generally.

I am not sure who first came up with the idea of modeling other's success, but this morning I now realize that this is not the most effective strategy. In the realm of conventional feature films or 80s pop music, (USA) it yields a uniformity that shades into mediocrity, for example.

I want to focus on how this applies to health and thriving, the most fundamental human-ness. There are SO many approaches to optimizing experience, and what is optimal for me might not be ideal for you. We are all exploring unique territory, uncharted. That's what we're doing here, on Earth. There's no way to model success on an adventure that has never been had before.

Cultivating intuition, trust in our own internal guidance. Warmer, warmer, hot! I've been discovering that the more I attend to the experiences in my body, the more aware I am of my emotions, the better I become at knowing what's perfect for me, whether food, practices, movement or people.

This trusting ourselves might seem daunting at first, unimaginable. I concede this. Almost everything presented to me as worthy and acceptable has proved to me problematic. I could postulate some top down ignorance agenda foisted on all of us, but perhaps there's an even simpler explanation. Perhaps we must discover what is unique to us by sorting and sifting what exists. We collect the fragments, the hints, the fingers pointing in the general direction of our unprecedented quests. There's lots of dross in the mix that isn't relevant to us and we call that dominant culture or oppression, but we probably each mean something different by this. We are basically all saying, whatever chafes against our preferences - that's the dominant culture.

What this suggests is an appreciation for all the different resonances. I may not resonate on the same frequencies as you do, but somehow, you're on your path. You've got to be! Your path is valid for you. Whether or not you are deliberately choosing, consciously choosing, that's neither here nor there. I prefer to choose, but that's me. I release evaluations of whether your path is good or bad. For you, your path is always ideal for the territory you're exploring.

What's way more effective than modeling others' success is cultivating our own intuition, being able to listen and hear what we are. The information that comes seemingly from nowhere, non-rational, unprovable and maybe even irresponsible from an external perspective. Anyone who tunes into what they are is always optimal. All we can do is become aware of our choices and get deliberate about them.

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