February 26, 2019

Now 9 days before Cannes screener ships. There's prolly lots of arguments for a gentle deadline approach, that is to say being ready before readiness is required. Which is antithetical to the concept of deadlines. Deadlines are like, oh shit, got to be done by such and such. What if we were already done, and I was choosing to amp up the next 9 days, to have the best 9 days ever? To take the movie on a 9 day wilderness trip? A 9 day yoga and swimming spree?

The movie is unmade at present, a hundred disparate pieces AND a pulsing fabulous vibration unity. Coming into my experience. Enjoying the coming, that's what's for dinner.

There's only one reason to journal, and that's to feel better, to discover new and fascinating access to my fullness, flow. That's the joy of writing.

This all flows from a "distracting incident" yesterday. In old think, having plenty of breathing space before a deadline lessens the importance of ill behaved relatives, so I thought yesterday. I brought that distraction into my experience, which lead to a discussion with Jil about why we set ourselves up to care what others do or don't do, and how it's all a reflection of what we've got going on within.

Now I get this was a solid reminder to love the process that I get to have, that I set up for myself. The best 9 days ever!

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