A stockpile of DU ammo in the carnage scene with snarky signage. That's all I got on this one, but enough just to have it there and labeled with appropriate warnings and admonishments.

"Attention Warfighters! International convention prohibits the deliberate use of depleted uranium munitions against civilian infrastructure. Violation is a war crime. All personel are obligated to disobey illegal orders."

Assigned to Greg. How are tanks resupplied with DU ammo, do they have to return to a special ammo dump or is the ammo transported to the battlefield and if so, how? What does that look like. Now I have to look.

Some "viewpoints" on the toxicity of DU

From the big shill or Scientific American - DU toxicity not a big deal

From ratical.org "Based on these animal studies, the average lethal dose for humans (with 50% expected mortality) can be estimated to less than 1 g of inhalled soluble uranium dust."

and cancer increase in Iraq from DU ammo

2014 Counterpunch

DU effectiveness a myth

Oops! Captured M1s

but how are DU weapons brought to the battlefield?

May 3

Received a core dummy round of M829. General Dynamics was given the contract to decommission the newer rounds. Work this into the scene?

A little more on this contract, tho still pretty vague.

Sorta stupid upbeat DU video. Also depressing.


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