Montage of post apocalyptics with ubiquitous boxes

Flash through these and stop on just one? Each flash a different stop?


Elements / Questions

The Clique can be represented by the sexy Kun dolls and Joe sloppy among them. Black and grey to represent the races. Matches the boxes too. They could be dancing, always happy.

How could an Abraham Hicks culture go astray? Work on the clique concept a little more to be sure they are in line with Abraham but slightly occluded in some significant aspect

Christina only flashes back when she's alone. Hallway at Gerry's. Are there other scenes when she's alone. Establish a rhythm that wants flashbacks. Half the movie almost are these candy/toy/fantasies, Joe set her up with this psychic armor. The dream life. Christina as a metaphor for all of us sleepers, the dream of divinity, that's what she's having, AND they are lucid. Every flashback is true, the toylike aspects are the proof of authenticity, because our whole world is a dream. Can the live action be almost always lies? Carnage scene is a lie. Joe and Christina together is a lie, a scam sheathed in some truth, She's lying to Gerry in the room together, Joe at the end checking in with mothers, Eiji and Phil bullshitting each other, Eiji lying about Joe.

Found footage that I repurpose, reprocess. Fish swimming by while she's daydreaming as a doll. What could be Christina's placeholder?

Use the mother and daughter plaster from the Redlings, Symbolic. Again - toys, plasters, models. Opening titles?

Hemp melee wands... for cats!

Uncle Joe "Anyone can merge with a machine. Volunteer to be a shiny nut, threading down snug to keep a vital component from rattling. You can even be a rusty nut, rounded slightly around the corners from clumsy wrenching. But if you become a wing nut, you're going to be removed and melted down.

If you feel like loosening up, first dream quietly about being a wad of chewed gum or a butterfly."

(this in reference to all the interviewees from the Disclosure Project, and how did Uncle Joe turn into a sabot without the Clique noticing)


Gerry technology

What about Gerry fooling with technology, how does that slot in? Paul's Pipe, the composting bins, the pipe coming into his apartment. Could be a series of still shots around the cabin with stuff. DO I have any candidates for these shots? No Gerry in any of them.

How does this fooling around with technology reinforce the existing story?

Box evolution

Can they get better at using the radio transmitter to broadcast on? Working out speech synthesis from scratch. Each Box scene a little more improvement. We witness them rapidly learning. Replicating Gerry's cognition until they essentially are Gerry, the neural patterns are fully synced

Did I make notes with Greg? Did I just record the conversation.

Boxes could be our hosts. Maybe they play back rudimentary images, see notebook for ideas.

Origami in Gerry's apartment. How many homages can we think of? Maybe Uncle Joe makes too?

Rapture in Reverse

science starts looking less and less like science


A parallel movie of alternate memories, the yin yang of the live action. Dolls, Pee Wee did that Saturday Night Live Skit with the dolls, where is that?

If there was a second movie, a parallel movie with dolls and toys, what would it be about? As Faisal suggested, focused on Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe vs the Clique, Christina's version. What Joe wanted her to know. What Joe was passing onto her both so she would be invisible and also offer a transmission the Daughter could decode? Maybe eventually become clear to Christina herself.

1) That she Christina was chosen by Joe a long time ago

2) She was altered, prepared - she would be both invisible to Clique and slip easily through the tangles of cataclysm

3) Her Daughter is an avatar, a living revelation about the mechanisms of duality. An enlivened presence enlivens. Knowing the game, many more people could play on purpose. The Clique didn't necessarily have this choice, they just showed up aware. Sleep wasn't easy for them.

4) Her presence will inspire a new kind of desire, more options

5) That she and her Daughter must discover or create sanctuary where they will be safe. Basically a perspective. Not creating drama, just enjoying an easy fun time. This is sort of a story about Ester. DOG might not come into her DOGness until she grows up a bit.

alternate memories


more alternate memories


saucers are rising
from deep underground
fire demons?
in the sky, dropping down

get strings for the guitar
and nitrous in the mad max car

mad max car (dan with shotgun, leans out window and fires behind. fan on hair. Alex makes up blanks)

History of Oil

turn oil into food
then medicine and clothes
for every barrel of crude
Rockefellers rolled in the dough



their sentience was gone
just hulks of stylish plastic
blasting 10,000 top 40 songs
while flashing mediatronic graphics

30 minutes of backstory? The Clique and how they couldn't sleep?

list of scenes to produce

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