Dark room seen through a door crack. Vertical slit, like a scan from a cathode ray tube rotated 90 degrees Christina is playing with moving her head side to side, she's building up after images of the whole scene.

There's a TV in the background rerun of Gilligan's island with the sound turned down. Joe is silhouetted against this, kicking back in some sort of recliner office chair. He's got his hat on, having a mundane conversation with a business associate. This is a false memory.

"Yep, I done. Was an interesting gig but I've got other fish to fry."

More conversation, perhaps Joe philosophy rant?

Then the screen is a flat screen with a crowd of perfect dolls, and Joe doll in the spot light. He makes his parting speech.


Peeking through a half opened door, sharp silhouette against a cathode ray tube. There are crowds of dolls on the screen, an audience. A doll with that hat faces the screen, a speech. Switches to a discreet phone call by candle light we are nonetheless privy to, again in silhouette, live action "Joe's farewell speech." There's an iconic TV show on the screen. Bald exposition, no apologies. A thread of connection. The mother and daughter plaster, that can reappear in grown up Christina's cabin?

[09-22-19] This will likely require revision based on what we know about Joe now.

Joe's parting speech V2

Joe's jujitsu move to quell suspicion is an appeal to snobbery, which the Clique is especially vulnerable to, since they see themselves as a chosen elite, (just because they have trouble sleeping).

"I have endorsed and supervised key aspects of the great plan. My suggestion that we monitor variations in the so called physical constants has confirmed the effectiveness of our adjustments to Theme Park Earth. The speed of light has definitely been getting faster and Planck's constant is definitely not. (laughter). I have enjoyed leading the team to redirect comet M78 for an impact on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

For several centuries I have enthusiastically made conditions on Theme Park more intense, thus expanding expansion. Our shared and sacred responsibility, improving the mechanism by which divinity becomes more has been my passion and delight for over three centuries.

However, I have grown bored. Bored with our tinkering. Bored with improvement. I am a bit chagrined to admit this, but there it is. I begin to delight in thoughts of suicide, and reemergemce into non physical. Ennui is a fatal diagnosis for our kind. So, I now resign my responsibilities and set off to wander the Earth, eventually finishing up at the center of impact for M78. After my croaking...

Joe's parting speech

"Together we have crafted yearning more intense than when theme park Earth was instantiated. The speed of light has showed a steady increase and Planck's constant is so not. (laugh track) We the self appointed caretakers, stewards of duality. By our deliberate occlusion we have enhanced the mechanisms of expansion. Some might say that the desires of the sleeping have become too similar, predictable, but I say that all desire is fundamentally the desire to be more, and from this one mighty source many rivers flow. Now the consensus is to end the diversity and cull the population down to mostly ourselves, the Clique of the roused. It is common knowledge that I stand in opposition to this plan, this saving of the ecosystem. I am all about an unsustainable scenario, allowing our innovation to play out fully. So what if the life support systems of this planet fail, the freaking polar bears go extinct? We can only imagine what wondrous desires will spring from an entire world's slow ceasing to exist, perhaps a miracle unforeseen by even the most radical among us? A beautiful machine for expansion, peddle to the metal, I advocated continuing to run at full tilt. These points have repeatedly been made and explored, so I won't elaborate further.

I have suggested that I make my transition immediately, leave the game and reemerge into fullness, but there are those among you who question my motives, suggesting that if I croak now, I'll have an unfair advantage in guiding my allies to a decisive subversion of the Great Plan. Thus we have agreed on the a compromise, I will walk the Earth until the culling, providing what advice and expertise I can in the carrying out the Clique's plan, a consultant if you will, but mostly just savoring the intense desire of 7 billion souls, and then take my exit with them, the surplus population. After my transition, I can guide the survivors of the tribulations from the vantage of omniscience, that is you my colleagues, friends, lovers. I have ruminated on this scenario and find it satisfying. So thanks, I'm off to wander-jar. If you need me, give a whistle."

Scene • Flashback Joe's Speech...

Christina remembers Uncle Joe making this speech

Everyone in the Clique enjoyed personal projects, which basically meant getting all up in the shit of the sleepers, their individual experiences, their cultures. How better to lull and confuse them, to sharpen and sublimate their wantings. Mins as the Clique often referred to them, short for miniature people, as if observed from a high altitude eg Mount Olympus or compressed into pixels smears on the display of a computer game.

Joe was no exception. That he was coaxing a powerful incarnation of the divine feminine was common knowledge among the Clique. A Daughter of God would challenge the emphasis on male supremacy of Judeo-Christian-Islamism and make Earth even more complex and interesting. But with the planned culling of human population, Joe's Daughter of God project would be moot. Very few drowsy humans would survive to be inspired by her. She would definitely find no devotees among the Clique, who felt themselves functionally equivalent to enlightened world saviors.

Joe knew that if he successfully subverted the Great Plan and wiped out most of the Clique, any remaining Clique would attempt to reassert stewardship over theme park Earth and terminate the Daughter of God. A sideshow project that succored a tiny minority of sleepers was of no consequence, but if the sleepers were still in the majority and all the cultural controls were destroyed in a global apocalypse, the influence of the divine feminine would trend humans towards autonomy and self reliance. To increase the likelihood of her coming, and unknown to the Clique, Joe set up many mothers to birth the Daughter of God. Worse case scenario, multiple mothers would create chafe to confuse the radar of the Clique, so at least one DOG might survive. If most or all the Daughters survived, the divine feminine would manifest in myriad unpredictabities, a very feminine quality for sure. DOG's co-location would establish potent parallel mythologies.

What's on the television?

When Joe is just watching, not speechifying the Clique?

omg, Uncle is watching Gilligan's Island in the speech scene.

[02-24-19 The Gilligan Manifesto reminded me that Gilligan's island was a post apocalyptic test run, so I started to think about how I could leverage G, either remixing the show or recreating with tribal theater group, oral history of remembered shows.]

[02-24-19 not sure this goes here, but perhaps the professor talking to Gilligan]

Those Nazis. A bunch of failed artists, so it was said, but their vision was so compelling, they recruited millions to enact their drama on the world stage. Their work was not soon forgotten. 80 years later, middle age Amercian men built reproductions of Nazi sculptures in their garages and basement. Teenagers role played them on computer screens. The Third Reich was both violent and mystical, mundane and erotic. Their investigations were esoteric and mysterious, young women and flying saucers. What were those Nazi's really up to?

[02-24-19 back to Gilligan]

Gillian Island simulated episode, remix. The Professor's speech to Gilligan.

Those drawings where two things create each other? The old maid and the maiden? The duck and the rabbit. Do you favor the duck or the rabbit, which would you rather be? Someone else might argue with you about which is the optimal choice, but truly either duck or rabbit is fine, hard to imagine a compelling argument that one or the other is better, less evil, more valuable than the other. They each create the other, wipe out one and both go. Now contemplate the yin yang symbol, a perfect symmetry between rabbit and duck, which is which NOW? We have no idea. Choosing one over the other is now completely untethered from cause or justification because they are identical, tho perfectly opposite. Which controls which do you think? Does white drive black or black drive white? A senseless question yes?

What about waves on the beach. Would you rather be the water or the sand? The water rises, laps onto the sand and saturates it, spreads over down and into, moving some grains around, changing the beach. The sand receives the water, assimilates and adjusts to accomodate the rush and flow, becoming a different beach altogether. Which is better to be? Which is preferable? Imagine being one, then the other. Easy peasy.

Now, consider your breathing. Take a deep breath right now feel the air rushing into you body, air from outside, you're using some and letting the rest move on through. But, what if you were the awareness of air, breathing the body? How would being the air feel as it flowed into and through the body? Imagine this now, that you are the breath, just as you were the body taking air in and out, now you can be the air choosing to enter and exit, in and out. Try now for a few breaths, or as many as it takes, to become air rushing into and out of body. When you feel yourself the air, raise your hand. Alright now, I'm going to whisper into your ear. "Hello, You who breathes this body, Gilligan's body. You are not Gilligan breathing, you are the breather of him. You are the feeling of choosing to go in and out of this body. Be strong in this feeling." Here is what I whisper. "Who are you?" (Flash away, blurred.)

This with Gilligan and the Professor speed ramped and blended in beautiful blurs as they move and gesture, Gilligan listening, the professor talking and the beach ever changing, maybe we've got a delicious shot of sand grains and beach interacting from Crystal Lake.

Early Clique

the presence of invisible channels who died when they touched them

so much more can be accomplished by ruining motivation and self confidence, curiosity and desire.

The Joe’s farewell speech, iteration 2, maybe when she stands up, because she was going to the door and peaked through to see him. At the beginning, popping bubbles, just flashes of childhood. Mermaid. Preps us for young C hospital visit and getting the story read to her. Why does going to Gerry’s door remind her of being read to by Joe? - text 3/11/19


How to make fuzzy but still get the point across? Use Ada Bee B roll? [03-06-19 Snip out Louise, she becomes a cypher, a deletion from the hard drive, edited out.]

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