Christina flashback hideout

Christina remembers being in the hideout with Uncle Joe, she's a silhoutte while Joe is fast motion Tai Chi battling fighting ghost-like Clique figures with energy strikes, but no he's just doing tai chi. Maybe doll Joe head at first, that could fix the clothing issue. Then close up of the panel with tons of crazy surveillance and counter measures built in and his voice, "This makes the magic that makes our fortress invisible. Before we go, we'll turn it on. "Ready to go, Uncle Joe? Please choose a trigger path." (humerus, tibia, metatarsal, etc). He chooses humerus. Autonomous Defenses Engaged. Final lock out after trigger will be confirmed by fire demon plume. You have 4:59 minutes to exit the facility." At first it's sparkling crystals and talisman, and then it reverts back to a security panel. Joe says, *Let's make our getaway.* Wait!" Another angle on the facility. He offers her the mother daughter "I've been waiting until you were old enough, this is for you. Very old and easily broken, and so full of power. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

This scene requires a few props and new live action, the hand and clique figure battle. Are there M50s here? Something else? This hammers home what we saw Joe's surveillance, which was way before. Also a demonstration that Joe is fighting the clique. She might not have seen the Clique on TV yet. These are good reasons, is there another reason to bring Christina back here? She was in this place to see or experience an aspect of the puzzle. Why did he? What did he want her to know?

Can be scrambled to emphasize mother daughter plaster, on her shelf all along.

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