"The M1A2 SEP is a formidable upgrade package, but it was missing a small but crucial item. Troops in Iraq and elsewhere are also clamoring for a phone on the outside of the tank that will let them talk to the vehicle crew. This was common as far back as World War 2, and its lack is hampering coordination on the modern battlefield – especially in urban areas. A General Dynamics representative noted that future M1A2 Abrams TUSK (Tank Urban Survivability Kit) vehicles will have this feature, but the SEP v1 tanks did not."

Abrams in foreground, close up treads with phone dangling, swaying slightly in the wind. Low tinny recorded voice is heard.

"Greetings warfighter and thanks for calling the Abrams M1A2 TUSK support line. If you are enemy personnel and wish to discuss terms of surrender, please press 1. If you are coalition or allied infantry, enter the 3 digit extension of the party you'd like to reach. For a directory of this tank's crew, press 2. To hear this menu again, press 3."

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