Elijah Browning contracted as drone pilot.

Originally, the concept was to be flying with the drones, perhaps looking down on them slightly, but tho lovely, first round of drone footage was just too slow and low altitude to work for this perspective. Eli reshot looking up and that footage seems more promising.

02/19 Iteration

The original version was desert based. Maybe the Southern sequence is a set up for a South / North punchline? USA death bots patrolling southern border to "deter" illegal Mexicans and Canadian rescue bots patrolling the Northern border to assist refugee Americans.

USA version - "Citizen free border security since 2020. We bust the bad guys so you don't have to. We've got this. Illegals are us." See original for more mediatronics.

Canada version - Neighbors in need are neighbors indeed. We're here to help. American Refugee Assistance.

The scale of the Reaper is not obvious, even less so for the giant drone. In the mediatronic exposition, include human figures to scale (silhouettes saluting and holding wrenches and video game controllers) while discussing autonomy, "I used to require remote human pilots and ground crew, but I am now fully autonomous!

Canadian Revision

Exposition and commentary on the idea of walls along national borders and autonomous weaponized AI. Aerial shot of several Predator drones, flying in formation. Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Silent Running homage). A snowy landscape, perhaps shoreline of Great Lakes. Either USA is protecting it's Northern border from job seeking Canadians or Canadians are protecting their southern border from refugee Americans.

I like this image for the fuselage. Maybe copyright free duck heads as well, see cartoon.


Scene - View from a predator drone over a desert, having just taken off. Below is a boneyard of high tech jets, dingy and patched. They light up with mediatronics, "USA#1" or an American flag that blinks. Some patriotic message. Predator drone has mediatronics "The Flying Wall" INS). Tucson AZ is where boneyards are, Mexico border is nearby. Still patrolling the border even without people. How do we show there's no people left to service and maintain the thing? It's in rough shape? Mediatronics?

"Fully autonomous border security, the promise of robotics, today!"

"I've flown 143 successful missions without human intervention. Keeping America American since 2020."

"Please present valid USA passport in raised arms when challenged (graphic of person holding arms up with drone silhouette and speaker graphic with sound waves) or lethal force will be deployed. Thank you for your cooperation." (In Spanish)


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