Intriguing this, as I reach to translate awareness from this morning’s meditation, I couldn’t find a sharpie, the lone graphite pencil refused to sharpen… I noticed the trend and realized, hey maybe I’m not supposed to write this down, but I wanted to. And then this little blog was an available tab, and slowly went through the login and slowly activated a new post and here we are. So what was the wait about? To stay in a perspective of direct reception of vibration. Experience who I am.

I know that writing can be a clear conduit to insight, but everyone’s got to find there own way. The writing might be able to create, instantiate if there is already resonance. If a someone is already been set up to grok. Words do not teach, sayeth A. Only experience. Words are about life, maybe they can be life too, but for sure life is life.

That was the hesitation to document. You can write ABOUT this, but only this is this.

And what was this? If I let go long enough, relax and release thought, more of me pops to the surface, cork like. That’s a lovely analogy. What is the surface? The now, the indescribable unfolding immediate, yada yada. The infinite multiplicity of choices extant. The core choice is whether to let myself pop up. That’s sweet too. Being full is only letting go of anything else. Is feeling. Me a body, me a house, me a planet. I am all these, I have been all these in thought, telling stories, yearning for what already is, for what has been as soon as I imagined. The crazy thing about the universe is the remembering, that there is this process of remembering who/what we are. Corn tortillas. The taste of corn tortillas. I remembered this just now. I have been corn tortillas, suffused with the experience of corn tortillas, I became corn tortillas and didn’t even know. Now I know, or can know. Always the possibility of knowing. All experience is becoming the other, that’s what’s amazing. Reality is relationship. We eat, we kiss, we breathe. We shit. That’s a mixing of self and other, in other words direct vibrational reality, being more of the universe flowing through, or what feels like through because a flow needs a through in good old duality.

That’s a nice way to start the day! Happy Thursday!

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