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An analysis of the sequence 6 shots because we want to add elements, tell more story. Run the plan by you all and get your take.

i don’t know what I am doing, but I can pretend I do. Applies to feedback too.

What do I want for DOG… rewatchability. [what]

  1. powerful on the first pass
  2. discover more on subsequent passes
  3. glimpses of a robust world, subtle or blatant
  4. emotional nuance – seems to expand
  5. dynamics of story, character – seems to expand
  6. an awakening, resonant – reminds us of who we are
  7. invites immersion (cognitive hacks? sorcery? who knows)

principles [how]

  1. advances primary narrative
    1. what IS that?!
  2. internally self consistent
  3. appropriate performance for the circumstance (actor, audio, vfx)
  4. just enough detail, but how much is just enough?
    1. movies are more interactive (non-linear)
      1. time play – rewind and pause have been around for awhile. Now crystal clear. 30 paintings a second.
      2. availability – movies are even more available thanks to interwebs
      3. branching – youtube to google to blog to social media and back to youtube…
    2. other agendas
      1. scifi homage
      2. toy universe
      3. reveal backstory
      4. humor
      5. etc
    3. pitfalls
      1. axe grinding
      2. overwhelm / confusion – audience AND director
      3. divert flow, momentum lost
      4. incomprehensible mythology
  5. secret sauce = gorgeous, epic, quirky, disconcerting, unpredictable (?)

adding visual elements, focus on composition that’s both immediate and immersive

Why charcoal drawings?

  1. strong contrast simplifies
  2. on slick newsprint, charcoal does not allow for nuance, cluttered composition revealed (turns to mud)
  3. get away from the computer, move my body

What’s Welcome Aboard about / for?

In order of importance

  1. begins the primary narrative
    1. a woman is getting on a scary boat, a man is watching her
  2. introduces and positions main characters
    1. man, woman and a big boat
  3. exposition about apocalypse – music and VFX elements
  4. establish what is “normal”
  5. WTF (humor)
  6. hint at connections, agendas, perspectives
  7. movement, momentum


  1. Gerry CU
    1. Simple, uncomplicated

      silhouette of device or devices?
      Mini dish
      perhaps logo hidden in antenna array (dish)
      device unfolding, blooming into the sunlight, turning into the sun

  2. Christina on pier

    1. • brass bullet shells, multi caliber
      (golden brass path)
      • shell kicked, bounce, shell fall, SFX
      • broken windows, entry holes in glass
      • partial pock marks from bullet impacts in stone
      • restaurant signs, mediatronic
      • resurrected need not apply, we don’t serve the undead (discrimination echo)
      • shot gun shells (maybe)
      • deletion of far background building
      • high rises instead (familiar skyline?)
      • cub scout skeleton with weapon
  3. Gerry on boat far

    1. • a few half sunken shipping containers silhouette
      • larger capsized ship (without cluttering the scene, already pretty busy
      • if Gerry device, now more prominent
      • scary wire tangle (jury rigged) plugged into whatever that sign is warning about
  4. Christina approaches Big Boat
    1. • plague ship
      • other boat business from next shot (CU of boat)
      • more wreckage, ships, containers, etc. (very tight)
      • mad max tanker truck, partially out of the shot to the right
  5. Christina boards Big Boat CU

    1. • plague ship
      • go away!
      • abandon all hope ye who enter here
      • some offer of trade or employment
      • laundry drying on lines
      • barbed wire razor wire (anti piracy boarder repelling)
      • m50s
      • rust in scuppers, weathering
      • can we see Gerry atop super structure?
  6. Christina in Big Boat

    1. • box labels – mediatronics
      • shade porthole
      • signage
      maybe Christina’s name written on the wall with and status in sharpie

What’s your general opinion of this plan for finishing Welcome Aboard? Which of the elements mentioned are your favorites, are you most looking forward to seeing implemented? Do you have any ideas for what else might be interesting, appropriate or fun.





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