Big Boat emerald city

la merde  ticy

la merde city

t’y merde ci la = you shit here

t’y ci la merde = yeah shit

merde, t’y ci la = shit, you’re here

merde t’y ci la = shit here you are

ci la t’y merde = here you shit

plague ship

go away

leave medical supplies and donations on shore, do not board, danger!

unknown pathogen does not respond to antibiotics or antivirals

pray for us!

wizard wanted


RCA = ACR, Panicsonc
Sony = Sonx

Dorothy gives birth to awareness. toto (DOG) chases cat (cat references) thus preventing Dorothy getting her hearts desire through mundane means, balloon ride. She has four lovers who seed her awakening and a trickster diety who launches her journey by offering her hearts desire and through feigned even over the top incompetence with his balloon, sets the stage for her birthing. Glinda is the midwife. Dorothy must transform her consciousness, her idea of what is possible by tapping her ruby slippers, blood, sparkling, fresh. no place like home. But toto (DOG) is really her animal familiar, for he is the one who digs in the wrong garden and forces Dorothy to abandon her heart’s desire, he’s the one who keeps her from the balloon ride.


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