We’re back with the Daughter of Godcast Episode 084, Humanity. We’ve got a few months yet before the return of the crickets. Metaphorical crickets however are here in profusion, the sound of a theater filled with awkward silence, of a joke falling flat. Which might be where we’re at on the Daughter of Godcast Season Two Crowd Creation. Where’s the crowd?

In Episode 083, Relief we played a game with the mediatronic relief boxes. We’ll, mostly I played the game. And anonymous. And Seamus. Feedback has declined precipitously since 082. Folks are still listening to the podcast and poking around the web site, according to the stats, but feedback? Not so much.

Could this be an opportunity?  An opportunity to just trust the process and see where we end up? The royal we that is – me, myself and I. Insanity is supposedly doing the same thing and expecting different results. So call me crazy but we’re going to play ANOTHER game. With the boxes. That’s right. But first, let’s get feedback for 083 Relief.

After a series of catastrophes, which 3 boxes would you carry back to your friends and family, and why?


Here’s the engagement graph for Relief, showing the decline in watching as the video progressed… sad. Hilarious! People were shutting down the video as soon as I start up with the character voice.  The phenomenal Chop Suey Mambo by Alfredito and his Orchestra was not enough to counter act my obnoxious West Side Story and Roger Rabbit vocal fusion.

Jil and Gus played the game but I had to go to their house to find out which boxes they picked. Dehydrated rations, Medical Supplies and Shortwave Transceiver. Jil liked my character voice btw, but then she’s an exceptionally gifted and perceptive human. She also shares her house with Violet, the 120 pound pig, who can’t be trusted around visitors. So Jil’s aesthetic criteria are not run of the mill.

What I take from Jil and Gus’s choices is that survival was an important criteria for them. Wait what? Wasn’t survival the point of the Relief game? That’s a straight forward interpretation, the 8 choices were about survival, sort of. I liked to think the Relief game would reveal personal preferences, and hint at cultural yearnings – vision for what a reboot of human presence on planet Earth might look. Let’s hear from a couple more of Duaughter of Gods most blessed devotees.

Here’s anonymous via email.

“if the dehydrated food and sprouting seeds are organic or at least non-gmo then i would take the food and 2 boxes of seeds.  why 2 boxes – i have become a microgreen grower these past 2 winters and love clipping fresh greens whenever i want.  plus if there is a possibility of gardening they could also be used for growing mature food or producing more seeds.

if this dismal future is only providing genetically engineered crap then i will go for the personal hygiene and radio transmitter and i guess a box of dehydrated ‘food’.  why – to find who else might be around and if i have any hair left i could brush it  :)”

I responded that I could add the word “heirloom” to the sprouting box or maybe get permission to use the NON GMO project logo.

Anonymous replied.
“i like the heirloom approach.

but not the non gmo tag.  over 160 different crops that are non gmo are treated with glyphosate.  so many people think they are getting a better food than they really are.”

I totally love this. Anonymous spontaneously asserted a very specific vision, in this case about the quality of food.

Seamus via dog.movie

I’d grab the sprouting supplies, fecal composter, and dehydrated rations. Food availability is the thing I worry about most when planning for extended disasters, particularly since I don’t have any fat reserves to speak of. I can invent games. Humans lived without shortwave transceivers for forever, and they got along just fine. Personal hygiene and medical emergency are desirable, but less-so than food. I might make an exception for the medical emergency if there was, indeed, a medical emergency in progress within my party, in which case I’d substitute that for the fecal composter. I’d only need hazard containment under exceptional circumstances, like if the poop crawled out of the fecal composter and started feeding on the dehydrated rations.

Seamus methodically weeds out the non essentials – games, shortwave transceivers, personal hygiene, medical emergency and hazardous containment and goes with not only what HE needs but, as I interpret his response, what the group needs. Seamus knows that fecal composter keeps group living conditions sanitary while providing a trickle of energy and a rich soil amendment for farming. He’s already got a plan for a sustainable civilization restart.

Well, since the game fell flat with the rest of my feedback crew, I almost want to spill the beans about my inspiration for deploying. But that wouldn’t be very good feedback practice. So instead, we’ll give this game another go, and perhaps ask a better question.

The dominant culture has collapsed, undermined by an unsustainable premise. All those catastrophes and disasters? Likely caused either directly or indirectly by consumption consciousness. The ecosystem is damaged, but given time could recover. The slate has effectively been wiped clean and you, your family and friends are about to start over.

You have returned to the field scattered with hundreds of relief boxes, to carry back three more. Assuming you met the basic survival needs of your tiny clan with the first three boxes, you are now faced with a more momentous choice.

The next three boxes you pick will point the way for a benevolent human presence on the planet.  What future will you choose? Pick the three boxes that best illustrate your vision. Or, list three boxes of your own. Good luck, let’s get the humanity thing right this time.

Are you ready to play Daughter of Godcast, Episode 084, Humanity, our second Crowd Creation game? I crave a robust feedback response, a humandess response! The Daughter of Godcast, where else are you prodded to feel the future you’re craving, the culture you’re yearning for and make some efficacious choices in that general direction? And you thought this was just a movie. *I* thought this was just a movie! That was my plausible story to get the ball rolling. Human desires are huge and ever expanding, they are humandess! Nowadays I’m letting Daughter of God flow everything I’ve always wanted into my experience, the movie that’s making me. You can let DOG be your excuse to feel magnificent too, why not? You’re also making this movie after all. “Whoever drinks from my lips will be as I am, and I will be as him. Or her. That’s a little gnostic gospel of Thomas for you right there.






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