Land mine detonation drone
(1) Powered Armor, Citizen Mil Spec. 33x7d, female.
Resin Android Decoy – child, Citizen Mil Spec. 223cc3 (self inflating)
Resin Android Decoy – canine, Citizen Mil Spec 102vc0 (self inflating)
Shared Village infrastructure – Brick compressor
Shared Village Infrastructure – Tractor, Amphibious
Shared Village Infrastructure – Thread and cable Mill
fire suppression kit
rugged pedal transport

(2) Encyclopedic reference
√ (3) Kinetic generator/battery
√ (8) AI companion
√ (11) handbag of the gods
√ (12) plastic decompiler
(13) art materials
(14) empathic communicator
√ (15) pocket astronomy
√ (16) resistance fighter handbook
√ (18) megalith kit
√ (5) Medicinal fungus spores and growth media
√ (4) Water Purifier / Desalinizer
√ (6) self governance guide
√ (9) spiritual resonator
√ (0) love potion
√ (17) weather forecasting
√ (10) packable shelter
(7) non lethal immobilizer





Large Towel

Stealth food forest
Soil microbe and fungal inoculant

Radiation and Toxin Purge / Internal Use
gravity fed water purifier
steel cookware and table service
unbreakable vacuum flask

universal translator
lie detector

invisibility cloak
practical jokes
threat assessment

global navigation

wind powered transport
pocketed blanket cloak




precision tools
forest jumpstart
indigenous cultural primer
star beacon
nomadic jumpstart
false idol
community library
emp generator
plastic digestor
child toys
comfort entity


spiritual guidance

things refugees do

wander about
are injured and sick
are hungry
become enslaved
are cold
are lonely
are traumatized

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