Starting with a quote about illusion, or deception, especially purposeful deception that we foster to maintain our lives, our mortal story. Ideally from PKD.

Shots of the beginning of every apocalyptic trope, like asteroids from space using the ink technique. Where do these scenes go? Yet another intro? Or flashbacks? Watching desperate mission to alter the super condrite’s trajectory by Spacex fails. Shows the space car in the foreground. This is too much, there’s got to be a way to just imply, infer, ingeniously hint at all these events.

Scrolling on Joe’s interface.

Compare and Contrast operation “Feldspar” and “Geode”. Feldspar… The controlled depopulation of Earth through induced catastrophic events that appear both random and coincidental, followed by eventual re-establishment of human presence as z powered star faring sustainable civilization based on environmental stewardship, social justice and respect for diversity. Initiated by Vision Control. Operation Geode… The subversion of Feldspar by rogue agent(s). Induced catastrophic events planned for Feldspar altered to target Vision Control’s major operations, effectively decapitating / destroying Vision Control. Depopulation of Earth incomplete, developmental guidance systems terminated, development reset. Initiated by Uncle Joe.

A sketch. Too obvious extrapolation, but interesting to tinker with. Is this the premise? Could this be what Eiji is reading? Is he being invited along?

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