For new episodes, that is.

(00) new scene for feedback
(01) reply to all feedback
(02) gather all feedback, sequence by date
(03) gather stats
(04) summarize stats
(05) write with passion
(06) tighten and excerpt
(07) get amped, record – two cameras and audio
(08) transfer files – start iPhone conversion first
(09) sync
(00) duplicate sequence, rename edit
(00) edit
(00) screen capture still image from Premiere
(09) save video .mp4
(00) upload to Vimeo
(00) Vimeo titles, tags and settings
(10) export audio .mp3
(13) upload audio .mp3 to, change name
(11) build podcast episode, add tags and titles
(12) link to Vimeo
(00) link .mp3 to
(00) add to Season 2,

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