and up on your left, riding high in the sky is our majestic Princess of the Canyon. Falling from the water mountain in the long ago, she is the guardian of the people, reminding us of the crazy times, when the world was almost lost.  us to live easy and not try too hard, that there’s plenty for everybody. Oh

to her spirit, let us pray

oh princess of the canyon
guide our people’s hearts
help us surf the water mountains
when the world ending starts

in the crazy long forgotten
people rested from their works
roaming the vasty oceans
sweet vacation in your berths

then giants from the gloom
turned their life topsy turvy
twas an elephant in the room
hard and straight now soft and curvy

your journey was a wonder
arriving edgy and way up high
bless us as we pass under
big boat in the sky

she reminds our people of the crazy times, when and how forgetting , watches over the people, guiding our reminding us of the before times and

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