I’ve got this things going, pretty smooth and making sense, the Crowd Creation. There’s enough here to feel good, every other week there’s decent feedback from a tight circle of friends, and we’re learning how scenes can be more clear and effective.

Ok, I’m relying on conditions to provide permission to feel good, but being gentle about this. Transitioning to full feeling is a process which I can enjoy, and this is how I do. Feeling happy is a choice in any conditions, and I’m definitely getting there.

I’m imagining new perspectives, different styles of cognition inspiring my work to be more universal, embody archetypes perhaps and resonate with all sorts of people. I am feeling how these visions attract and magnetize more friends and collaborators, how I am growing a new world from my art. This is more than just another movie, I am learning how to come into the world, how to play in the big sandbox. So much more than I’ve allowed, now I want to allow all.

This tweak or pain or that apparent setback are just indicators of where I am at emotionally, what I am willing to experience. What’s amazing about this is honesty, I don’t have to be afraid to say anything, because thoughts are a clay we sculpt and when I get an indicator of disconnection, that’s where soothing is wanted, and a chance to tune, to choose what I want to experience all over again. This earth experience is about constant choice, maybe that’s what was meant by free will, for me asking for the steering wheel way back when was finding out that I’ve always had the steering wheel. I had to have some illustrative experiences before I could even see the steering wheel, let alone the road ahead.

There’s scenes ahead. Joe gave me a great idea about how to take things a little easier. Each week there could be a revision of a previous scene and a new scene. That’s still just 52 scenes in the year, but now I’ve got this revision history which could be interesting. How many scenes are there, we can create a scene template to import into AE projects, with title, date created, date revised, timing and number, then print a still for a wall. Maybe there are blanks representing different scenes to come. This could be a combination vision board and storyboard, representing what we want to manifest, the feelings and experiences a scene inspires. Stealing scenes from other movies or random life to represent scenes we want to use.

What was coming to me this morning was the signs on the ship, plague and whatever as subterfuge by the ship’s inhabitants. Joe’s hideout is the same idea, but we don’t know that until the arm pulls in. The black ops had a much bigger budget for their subterfuge, so their diorama is more intricate, more sophisticated camoflague. The principle is the same, everybody’s creating some sort of fantasy as their first line of defense. Christina could be scattering shells as she walks, adding more to the walkway, even as she kicks one or two off the edge. That’s a nice clue.

The meta theme here is that appearance is a kind of reality in the sense of what WAS manifested not necessarily what is being manifested, what’s in process. Appearance can be engineered to trigger specific beliefs and behaviors, and thus influence what others may or may not allow. There’s those two examples of camouflage in the movie, Joe’s hideout and the DIY ship, there might be others. Subtle forms of camouflage or misdirection, like Iceland vs Greenland. That’s an odd meme, true? Did the scandis really reverse name them to discourage invasion?

On the agenda today – ice jet, ship approach (three shots), revising Do It Again for release after Hump either stand alone or as another version.

Just looked over stats for Do It Again. Lots of watches on FB, but feedback from Joe only. Ello views have dropped dramatically. No idea how to get started with DeviantArt.

All is well. I don’t need to know any of this, right now. Today is to create something new. Let’s go do airplanes and see what comes up. ExecuAir, transport your family to a place of safety within hours of disaster striking. Our fuel is cracked fresh, on site daily. Fully equipped and luxurious hex shelters await your arrival.

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