Daughter of God is active on Facebook, Twitter, IMDb and to a lesser extent, Instagram. We’re in the process of establishing beachheads at Ello, DeviantArt, Reddit, Vimeo and Pinterest and eventually YouTube. Each of these venues will offer unique aesthetics, perhaps be better suited to longer content, tolerant of weirdness, more tuned into subtlety. To be continued.

With Wall Street Under Water, first there was just a brick beach I found in NY state, then I thought there could be more, something iconic under the water. At first a complicated idea like a marble bust of Milton Friedman or a brass plaque from skeeve central, the Museum of Public Relations, a dig at the revelatory charlatan, Edward Bernays… but these were far too obscure references. Wall Street was a simplicity itself, I started with a vintage wrought iron version but the modern green felt more expeditious.

Open Season was just a deer who ventured into my camp on North Manitou that I spoken to, that’s why she looks up. Later I added an an errant arrow to give her a reason to look up, perplexed, and also suggest that a hungry hunter missed a meal.  Then just a couple weeks back I had bumped into the laser beam effect on another project. And thought, what if the deer could retaliate? What if there were uplifted animals on the loose, like the resurrected saurians, as hinted at in Signals from a Nearby Now? The rest was obvious, a hilarious scream from Free Sound then an even more hilarious scream which needed more of the clip, and I noticed after stretching the clip out that the doe shakes her head, so I made that her reaction to the sound of the hunters body crashing into bushes.

If the internet sees it, then it’s prolly decent. If the internet comments on it, then I’ve really got something.

We’ve posted 4 chunks so far, 2 under 15 seconds and 2 over 2 minutes. So far, shorter format chunks are more likely to be watched and commented on.

The point is, no response is super helpful too. What I have to do is create more bite sized chunks, figure out if some venues are better for long form than others, and be aware of what goes where. If I make more bite sized chunks and still get no response, then that chunk is probably not compelling. The distraction test. If the internet sees it, then it’s prolly decent. If the internet comments on it, then I’ve really got something.

Morlock Mushrooms, grown down deep

You know what’s great about podcasting? I can legitimately talk to myself out loud in public and feel perfectly sane. That’s basically what podcasting is, talking to yourself. I think solo podcasting is way more authentic than podcasts where two or more folks simulate a conversation. The mic is on, that’s gotta effect what you’re gonna say next. Isn’t the mic always on now? Your iphone is listening, Alexa is listening. We’ve invited big brother into your pockets and kitchens. Talking to yourself is ok now, because you’re not really talking to yourself like a crazy person, you’re talking to a friendly machine. Or if you’re a podcaster, you’re working on your latest episode. Just make sure you’ve got earbuds in, to keep the people around you in the super market from panicking. Anyway, feels nice to know I can talk to myself without being judged.


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