Looking at the plethora of files, I am ready to organize and reassemble a working cut. This working cut can then be gradually updated with the latest scenes until viola, completion. There’s an optimal organizational strategy I’ve yet to discover.

1) We’ve found all manner of renders, now the question is what AE files generated those renders? I think from now on, we simplify AE files so that have a minimum of elements. We have scenes numbered like addresses. Like 0004 – Wall Street Under Water. There’s an AE folder and a render folder. They don’t have to be in editorial order. What do the scene numbers get us? Not much, just a quick reference. If we need timing between comps, we can insert a render of a comp.

Just like what we do with Huge Fuck Mother, we save over the current render for a scene that is referenced by a master After Effects or Premiere.


A bridge from early production to now.

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