Asking about Christina’s character, can men identify with her? Show more of her childhood trauma, what she went through on her own.

Trudging across and open field, wearing a coat of loose metal sheeting, over lapped, painted white on the outside. Looks handmade. Kind of clangy and awkward. We follow her walking, breath streaming out. Then in a computer generated voice, not unlike Uncle Joe, we hear, “incoming, Christina”. She dives for the ice some of the metal flopping over her head, and lays still.

Jet planes appear on the horizon, rocketing across the sky, oddly silent. [miniatures]. One instantly stops in midflight, then drops vertically, slightly tilted as it noiselessly approaches. We see POV through a gap in the metal sheets, a bit of blonde hair catching in the frame. She’s like shit! and grips the ice. A blue flash illuminates the ice around her. There’s a POV of the screen showing aerial of two tracks of footprints leading up to an ice shanty. A blue circle appears around the ice shanty and the shanty is sectioned from the roof down, opening up the inside to our view. We see two fisher dudes in there and as the roof opens up, crackly audio comes through. The sectioning has exposed one of the dudes brains.

“So I grabbed her by the pussy! yeah! and then she roundhouse clocked me. When my parents came home, I had to tell them I fell down the stairs or some bull doing something she told me I shouldn’t and that’s why I had a black eye. She baby sat for me a couple more times. I still have a crush on her 40 years later. What a woman. I raised my girls the same way.

[tech – brain head doesn’t move, only the talker who is farthest from the jet, then we don’t have to do motion tracking, but easy enough to go either way]

The blue light is shut off, and the audio abruptly cuts. The little scene recedes as the jet moves vertically. Christina waits. Then, the simulated voice, “all clear”. She exhales and gets to her feet. All POV except from the back, where we can’t see her face.

She walks off.

There could be all sorts of scenes like this, not even with her in the shot, one thing after another, dashing through a blasted town holding what appears to be a sword, witnessing the descent of an asteroid cluster, rapid fire shotgun blasts cu, watching the passing of an ichorous, slightly glowing swamp thing through barn slats.

If we get this sense of Christina. At the start she’s walking past charnel totally unfazed, popping bubbles in her room, then when Joe calls, we get an instant sampling of what she went through as a kid, establishing her as a badass, which perhaps puts her in a unique contradictory space, from what we seen so far to what we know about her. And of course the rest of the scene plays out with perhaps a few more flashbacks.

Then we ask, is Christina a strong character or weak character? Based on what you’ve seen so far?


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