Welcome to the first episode of the 2nd season of the Daughter of Godcast, Crowd Completion. Less me and way more you. We’re done talking about the past, from now on we’re deliriously present. Test screening begins! This is episode 071, Wall Street Under Water.

We are test screening before Daughter of God is assembled because I want to invite you to participate in the making. You don’t have to be in the movie biz or even aspire to be, you just have to like movies. Share what makes you feel excited, inspired, or leaves you cold.

I am asking for your help to finish the Daughter of God because I believe we can make a way more amazing movie together than I can by all by myself. I am not asking you to donate money, I’m asking you to share a far more precious resource – your beautiful brain, your cognition, your opinion.

Each week, we’ll post a chunk of the movie on lots of social media sites simultaneously and pose a question or two. You can then check out the chunk on  your favorite sites, ponder the questions and comment.  If your world gets rocked, share the snippet with your friends and followers – the more feedback the better!

Next week, we’ll summarize the feedback and show another chunk.

But wait, there’s more! Even though we’re not asking for money, we are offering premiums. Giving solid feedback gets you cool stuff, from swag like stickers or t-shirts to VIP packages like a summer weekend at our gorgeous studio on Crystal Lake, MI where you can learn to live lightly on the Earth or join the DOG crew and attend international film festivals with us. Just for your opinion! We’ll be posting details in the weeks ahead.

OK ready? We’re starting off simple with a very short shot. I want to see how this works before we get too complicated.

Wall Street Under Water

In this shot, gentle waves ripple over a submerged green street sign that reads, Wall Street. The sign is attached to a broken steel post, resting on a bed of red bricks.

Wall Street is of course a street in lower Manhattan, New York City where international stocks and commodities are traded.

So here’s this episode’s question. What emotions come as you watch this shot? Describe them as clearly as you can.

Now it’s your turn. On www.dog.movie, find links to your favorite social media sites, and comment on what emotions come up when you watch Wall Street Under Water. Remember, there’s no wrong answer. Your feelings are always valid and helpful. Comment as much as you like and feel free to discuss with other commenters and me too.

That’s it, short and sweet. Thanks for listening and I am so excited for your feedback and critique.

You’ve been listening to the Daughter of Godcast, Episode 071, Wall Street Under Water. DOG could be a sober sneak peek into an adjacent timeline, social commentary, allegory, a big joke, pointless VFX fireworks, none of the above. You decide. Nothing matters unless you say it should. You are the upgraded audience, crafting and honing your deliberate experiences until they are primo, perfecto, sparkling. This might be the first Crowd Completed movie, we could be setting a trend the monolithic sausage factories in Hollywood will desperately try to come up to speed on in the next decade. Way ahead of the pack are we, obviously. OK, there’s the ranting you’ve come to know and love, now it’s your turn. Give DOG your feedback, less me and way more you!

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