5 stories within a documentary. Or maybe 3, anyway timelines and sketches for future project nestled within the documentary for DOG. These 3 or 5 scenarios have their own characters and mileaus and we the audience stitch them together from the outlines presented. Not Cloud Atlas or Heavy Metal, instead a visual fugue that brings them all into one tent. Meanwhile, the lines that the actors speak are all my voice, telling the story of the Daughter of God, how I came to be and so on. The podcasts spoken out of context, a bad lip dub flipped. A 6th story, perhaps a distraction from the more intriguing narrative fragments that keep trying to unfold but are held back, stuck in a more mediocre unraveling, or is it? Because couldn’t the making of Daughter of God turn out to be a huge triumph? What would be the epic ending for this making of story? 100k audience members? Getting into Cannes? Inspiring a direct and astute democracy? Environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on Earth?

This would mean – writing some stories, having them achieve synchomesh, casting, shooting with lip dub techniques, maybe having their dialogue in context fall devolve into my voice, talking about life and the movie.

I might start with a cut of the podcasts that flies. Then let that inspire the overlays or alternate timelines.

The scenarios could be based on my 5 coolest interpretations of iconic science fiction tropes – space vagabond, cogninaut, sex artist, monster rehabilitation, democrazy hacker

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