Why Movie?
The making of post apocalyptic romantic comedy featurette

What is this movie look like? A grand tour of everything I feel is fun to ponder, the Daughter of God being an armature or mobile to hang all these inquiries from. Maybe like Zeitgiest, concepts and history, patterns but without the agenda to get anyone to do anything or be anything other than what they are.

This video sent by Joe via FB was the epiphany.

He’s just talking about what’s of interest to him. That’s the point of the podcast really, I am also talking about what’s interesting to me – about making this movie, about being human, having experience. What’s funny and odd. Not trying too hard. Not trying at all to be anything, just choosing to open and relax and explore.

All these points of access that are uniquely mine. Imagine taking fragments, scene cards on wall, mosaic of shattered ceramics and constructing a whole. My art, my illustrations saying just what I want to say. The making of DOG is there, for sure, the making of a movie makes me, the ideas in the movie are expanded, maybe backstory explained. Could also be like a companion guide to exploring Daughter of God

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