Component the first

The podcast cycle.

release media – > a week of comments and discussion – > review of feedback + release new media = new episode

release media

compile archive
schedule release of media components with minimal context
vimeo = primary channel with satellite channels for diversity

vimeo = mostly future friends
youtube = mostly future
twitter = mostly future
facebook = mostly current
instagram = current (and future potential)
linkedin = mostly current
ello = future
deviantart = future
pinterest = future
email = mostly current
phone = current
meetings (monthly) = current = ? = ?

gather feedback, excerpt discussions
build episode

I have no idea which of these venues will be the most productive. Currently we’ve got nothing on deviant or pinterest. On the one hand, I wish I could just have one place where all feedback from all sites is consolidated, I could imagine gathering comments from all these places would be a lot of work each week. I could imagine the same queries showing up in different places, and that’s cool because a comment coming up on one platform won’t keep that comment from surfacing elsewhere, and even the same question/problem is a new opportunity for more insight.

There’s two concerns here – too much participation and not enough. I guess the less active platforms will just be closed with an announcement. I guess each project could start out with this shotgun approach and then concentrate on the most active platforms.

Each review episode could start off with, Hi Daughter of Godcast, test screening. Today we’re looking at box ads. These are ads that appear on mediatronic boxes, there are three ads, I’m going to name them and then I’d like you to pick your favorite. I could then describe each one, put on some music, etc. The first video would be an intro to how to review process works and then some media. Or, here are the examples, and here are the links to go to the various social media sites where you can pick and comment on your favorites. There are 10 this week to have a look at.

From the social media sites, there is a link to the intro video and then the video for that selection of content.

So the intro video should be fairly robust – to our knowledge, an open source, crowd completion project has never been done before. Fan feedback influences the creative choices. You can help make the movie, not with funds but with your ideas. Every week, a chunk of the movie is revealed, and your comments and discussions will determine the fate of that chunk. Could be fake ads, lines of dialogue, miniatures, storyboards, music, sound effects…

I could recruit different friends to hover over / facilitate social media sites and encourage conversations. Joe, Melonie, Jil… who else?

university classes
review sites
press releases


create new work

get the credits

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