Flashback for Christina. Facing Uncle Joe holding Christina’s hand, flickering orange plays over their faces, they approach the camera. Reverse shot over their shoulder as they walk towards a blazing fire with silhoutted figures. A man passes walking towards the camera in the foreground while in the background a little girl calls to him, papa! The man shrinks a little and slips past Joe and young Christina, out of frame. At the perimeter, a woman with a battered AK stops and a sword at her hip steps in their path and says “Stop.” To Christina she asks, “Are you a woman?” “Yes.” “Enter, then.” Turning to Joe, “Go.” Joe, “Goodbye, Christina.” She moves and sits by the circle of girls at the fire.

Wild shaman woman silhoutted in blaze with sparks ascending, young girls gathered around. A fierce shaman woman is dressed like an Edgar Rice Burroughs martian princess. She is singing signals from a nearby now.

wild bunnies prowling
in the old state park
they’ve got saber like teeth
that glow in the dark
better haul ass
their not interested in grass

The girls in chorus, shout,

“we hunt!”

we lost all the birds
I’m not sure where they went
not a twitter or peep
can be heard from my tent
just the uncanny yapping
of pomeranians gone wild
they’ve learned to make tools
and are discovering fire

“we eat”

as I mentioned before
the saurians are back
most colors are tame
except for flat black
if you see one of those
then expect swift attack!
they’re cybernetic creatures
with titanium claws, sharp as razors
ruby eyes that shoot lasers
and other sweet features

“we fight”

Young Christina, whispering, “what are lasers?”
another girl “knives of light”

sudden roar of saurian, (maybe original Godzilla effect) all the girls, turn terrified and scream




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