Joe entering Canticle for Lebowitz type vault, with torch. Secure Archive, implying alien technology. There’s a dead monk skeleton on the floor. He brushes away debris from keypad access panel while singing Melancholy Baby, pops off a plate, wires in a eveready battery and the keys light up. He plugs in some numbers there’s a grinding, shuddering, screeching. He quick picks up a fallen pipe and jams under the door, leans on the end, still singing although a bit strained. The vault door slides up slightly, there’s a woosh of air and an opening appears, then there’s even more screeching and the door stops. Inside the narrow gap, there’s a blinking of flourescent lights coming on. “Fuck”. He finds a scrap of US flag, sniffs to be sure the scent of death is not there, rejects, “reak of death” looks around, finds a roll of bubble wrap and unrolls, on the debris, climbs down under the debris and slides in, humming.

This looking for something to keep his suit clean business could be important / fun – maybe not a roll of bubble wrap, maybe what? What would be a symbol of clean and fresh? Maybe cardboard? A mediatronic box?

All this lit with meager spots, so most of the CG stays in shadow, but he can move a flash around and point it this way and that to illuminate more of the space. This would be POV of the space handheld and then a shot behind him as he hangs the iRock in midair, with the light pointing at the panel.

The only props in the shot would be the flag, bubble wrap, metal lever, door bottom and something to stand for the broken concrete and security box geometry.

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