Joe was a high operative in the stealth government, and decided to become a double agent working entirely for himself. The premise of the stealth government(s) was to whip the entire planet into fear of the interstellars and then fake an attack, thus expanding and continuing their dominance by rallying the planet into fighting a staged and expensive war.

Meanwhile, their actual strategy for dealing with the interstellars was to align with the least altruistic species and then grovel for favor. Joe had read All Our Yesterdays and the travails of Eric Sweetscent and Gino Molineri, and decided to subvert this outcome.

A veritable cornucopia of catastrophes were lined up to be blamed on the interstellars, with the intent of reducing Earth’s population to a fraction of 7 billion and thus presenting a less threatening presence to all IS variants – with no population to speak of there could be no manned space fleet surging up and outward. That was the rationale.

Unable to subvert this scheme, Joe deactivated the defense protocols for the most significant black ops facilities, and then slightly accelerated the schedule for armageddon, wiping out the stealth government. Joe planted evidence that the alliance IS had double crossed them, and thus vanquished any further interest in establishing Earth as a protectorate. The remaining shadows formed several factions and were in disarray, still active but without any central guidance. Joe also spread dissent among the factions, keeping them from reuniting. The tyranny of the shadows was finished.

One of the stealth programs was to prepare a fleet of fake H2 airships that would drop relief boxes, a sort of civilization restart kit. The boxes contained not only supplies for long term survival but the also were networked and mediatronic, so that eventually an impoverished wireless global internet could be reestablished, and a homogenous global consumer culture promoted, totally under stealth control. Why fix what wasn’t broken?

Joe inserted backdoors into the kernal of the mediatronic network that would insure it could eventually be hacked and taken over by survivors and refugees.

$2500 to go on an expedition with Greer
$6.99 to buy the App!

crashed saucer tangled in debris, still partially positively bouyant, connecting with solar light, short circuiting and dropping to the ground almost, but then slowly rising back to the solar light and shorting out again, over and over.

crashed saucer with packets of white powder in the hatch, cocaine can have labels, poking fun at agency mascot but not blatent. “serve and protect” brand, secrets are our business, tribute to Gary Webb, Darth Alliance instead of Dark Alliance, The Little Deathstar. Maybe a penis with a vader helmet.



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