Just watched Unacknowledged. There was a picture of the virgin with a UFO behind her. Maybe start with the original painting, then have a conversation in the background,

“tuning, tuning… ok here she comes, resolving, don’t make any more adjustments just the let the cycle run, omg, there, that’s the best yet wow, live from the past, the most important moment in western theology and we are here, and we have signal and we are capturing everything, sound and picture…”

The picture resolves to a sculpture, then to a human face, there’s a blue sky behind and the smiling woman, then a disc moves into the shot. reorients and moves up above her, then sweeps forward into the frame, becoming her halo, reverse to black

grainy black and white footage of mary, with ufo. purports to be time travel imagery. kooky DIY peeps, etc.

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