I’m reviewing the last 7 episodes roughly corresponding to 2014 and feeling a little meta. The bold italics are today’s shorthand.

What’s coming to me right now is my unwillingness to struggle with this outreach. To feel sheepish about getting people involved or having to nudge them. I don’t want any of that, I don’t want to ever feel like I am herding cats. The people who are invited in are the most tuned in cats I know, and they love me. So what I want to feel (as opposed to what I don’t want) 🙂 is excitement and smiles in the tickling those that get involve. I gotta do my own crimes too and delight in same. Stickers… where? Unlikely places.

Ok, the outreach is a celebration, a mad guerilla circus. I’ve given myself plausible deniability.

Also, the sticker inventory and first wave of deployment pictures is just a pre-cursor to launching on YouTube. We’re just getting ready. Thus the production polish, the cleaning up of the website. What / where have I always wanted to break into? Training! What about Walmart with all it’s security cameras? Is there an invisible event that could be documented there? Walmart would be a great place to stage something subtle and perfectly legal. Those cameras.

If I keep focusing on there’s not enough listeners, then by golly I’ll never have enough listeners. Giving myself some time to feel the build, to enjoy the happening. To appreciate, to celebrate. The point of this is to love the unfolding, the showing up of 50k listeners. From 200 to 200k. How does that feel? 😀

We’re doing great, reminding ourselves about what this gentle release and this movie is – a becoming. The biggest best becoming yet for moi. Of course she is coming, she is already here. My joy is to just let her come.

So what else in 2014?

Ads and signage

I’m going to diverge for a moment from strictly DOG and talk about what else I know. I know that getting relaxed and at ease in the now, my body, the moment, is how everything gets virtuosic. My voice for singing, my physicality, on stage, with friends, being creative. I feel a desire to nap right now, so that’s what we’ll do. Summarizing, I am def tasting the way, how everything is possible, be have and do all.

back! I know that enjoying the moment is the shit, pretty much the point of being alive. to revel in the rides here, my rides, my decisions always, that’s why I came here.

I can always choose, always and I am getting better at remembering this and choosing well.

finally, I am noticing actual changes in life that are coming directly from deciding auspiciously.


Another why movie. (I chose this movie over my lover and so much else because the movie is my bliss, my self becoming. the whyest movie ever. liberation)


There’s a transition, if DOG and Dan are aligned… (DOG and Dan are the transition we seek to align with)

distractions shifted (from subtle avoidance to utter clutter)
David Allen, clearing our queue
Deep Archive sparks creative orgy
Alexander’s speech – (me at the end of myself, deciding to keep going, because retreat is deadly dull, unepic)


everything boxes

(my soap boxing about optimal instrumentality, what a benevolent world might look like, artifact-wise)


inviting people to ride tramp freighters into space is like finding people to watch this movie

the website review – talisman, how 50k people show up…

(that’s the spirit of updating the site – what do I know how to do best? write and make images, sing songs! happiness and insight, adventure. that’s the ticket!)


New York City and out of the closet about Abraham.


Hard Nature. Who Am I? A debrief about the NYC trip.

Amazing gifts showing up


Everything, lonely bots, legal skirmish and reanimated actors

acting Fork, Thaw

everything – house history/renovations/greenhouse -> mites, elbow, trademark, break up

blame it on selfish genes, jesus or hidden alien conquistadors? That’s all, just questions. The ads are a kind of velvet meme sledge hammer to crack open the slew of paradigms I ever wanted to make movies about


Stickers and the expectation of completion


midi electric guitar and honda 650 xl when dog is done

How the project is organized and maintained

What were his motivations originally, what was the original master plan

movie making is a form of discovery

plague backstory

• https://www.why.movie/2014/05/04/garden-crime/
more ads, graffiti

email – to Dan, singing peanuts vince garaldi, i approve this message

more backstory, ads, signage, hammer hits over the head

switching to miniatures (when do I start buying models?

email – to Dennis at Fun and Sun RV, offering $5250 tops for Airstream

why I haven’t filed returns in 10 years

email – to Tim White, the tax attorney hired
email – to/from Emily, isolation tank purchased

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