created 09-12-17 - 12-05-17

email - to/from Jim Kelly, rewrites for my SF, he's too busy

email - M22 internet barn proposal
PA Turnpike - best guess - drove through tolls by accident, paying later

email - to/from Flesk/Spectrum
To - I have an image series that might fit into CA/2 and D/2 categories, 3-5 scenes from a live action film incorporating miniatures / forced perspective and digital painting. Inspired by science fiction pulp covers, they are essentially cinematic still life(s). Would jpgs of these scenes be appropriate entries to Spectrum? Most of the original elements were photographed in high resolution so the final jpgs will be visually robust, (not screen captures). Thanks, looking forward to an encouraging response! 🙂

From - How exciting. This sounds like fun variation on what we normally see. Yes, it sounds like the jpgs will work just fine.

email - to/from brothers, vibration machine for mom and dad
email - from Hobbylinc, model manuals and paint shipped


Then I went back to work on bringing the skeletons into the bike shot

email - to Richa, for roto on Joe and bike




email - from Innes, two questions answered. George Clooney and reading from PKD
email - from Amazon, bought Confidence vibration machine


mail lady knocked the door with my police motorcycle.





deployed art tent and figured out new configuration of the shack

email - to Jen and Tim White re accounting

email - to Lauren Di Scipio, happy birthday, news, I'm buying tiny machine guns


I understood slightly why meditation might be useful, then I spent time with Ru and the voices in my head went silent for the most part.

I’ve scheduled the accountant and the lawyer to meet with me in 6 days

email - to Bri and Ben, websites restored


email - from Josh Piersma, last day on this project (stabilizing highway)


email - from Richa, splines for bike received in Silhouette
email to/from Jim Kelly, rewrites


email - to Rusty at SomaFM, coffe mug


The dinosaur is getting clean, bit by bit.



email - from Flesk, submission to Spectrum received


A documentary about me, my movie process.

email - to Rusty, Joe scene on bike

movies I ought to watch

email - melonie steffes, Joe on bike
Whoa, that is wild and funny at the same time. The eye is really drawn to the police car, I had to rewatch a couple times to see everything. It has the feel of a Menu screen on a movie DVD, I wanted to click on an object and watch commentary. I love the tunnel but I wonder why you chose to center on the car after emerging?

10 years ago, I started making a movie and you were there! Yes – YOU. Way back then I heard your dreams, marveled at your genius, documented your dance, shared vegan pancakes on spring mornings, got on your shit list and did my best to encourage your orgasms. Like an elephant or a good dog, once I love I never forget, not a single one of you.

email - to Dirk and Jim, being fit
I’m not talking about a roll of flab. I’m talking about being on a roll. Not a kaiser roll. The rolling back the clock roll. Choosing your optimal biological age, with me!

Ji and Di, I loved that we got together to do Spartan, keep in mind that your kindred spirit Dan Kelly hasn’t forgotten you, isn’t going to leave you behind.


email - to Jen Christopher, CPA, splitting the books between AH and DK

I want to stop telling people and feeling tentative

I have a unprecedented opportunity in my life. I know what works. Not suspect, know.

If I can make a movie that sends the game far and wide, (Game, Play) and I end life having spent all of everything on these vehicles, then well done.


This could go along with the MLK and Malcolm X collaboration universe.

I can get so many people invested in my project through the ruse / vehicle of feedback.

I wonder if I can get them both fired up to represent themselves a little more audaciously.

email - to/from Innes, about product placement for SomaFM


I don’t want or need anyone’s permission to be the me.

I am all the love and encouragement I could ever crave

email - from Innes, product placement, my changes acceptable
A sample of the proposed Product use, including a preliminary screen capture and contextual synopsis, is attached for review by Owner. Production Company warrants the sample is substantially complete and sufficient for review.


Well fuck that. I am not going to go either way. I am going to keep choosing the most joy I can.

email - to Matt Kern, tunnel tracking


I truly appreciate the gods giving me so much help with the financials.

email - Matt Kern, samples of motion tracking in tunnel


Get back in your shackles slave!

email - to Jim Kelly, audio notes from November feedback, we're trying to schedule again


Ok, I can’t make DOG shorter.

• (cozy catastrophe)
Yep, life is good after the apocalypse for white anglo saxons, especially with their lives shattered for comic effect.

The young are the singularity, the young pass beyond the understanding of anyone who seek to end the process of surprise in their lives, who seek to render the world predictible

email - from Jim, George Clooney Jim's edits .doc
email - from Melonie, great article about being emotional


email to Jim, new version of Clooney burgers .doc after his feedback


They have to jump through very specific hoops before I am willing/able/capable of releasing it.

email - to/from Jil, Joe on bike
I LOVE this! It is very strange and very good.Thank you for sharing this! More, more, always more Dan Kelly!

email - from Innes, final product placement

That was the kicker that got her to cut me off once and for all. HOW DARE HE.

teeth restoration begins


email - to Ingmar, inquiry about Wonderland sign

email - from Matt Kern, tunnel track


My experience is my responsibility, and tho I might not feel like I’ve got enough tools, I know it’s ultimately up to me and no one else.

email to/from Jake, reading his movie script


email - to Matt Kern, tunnel successful camera track


I can teach this surely, but I am most excited about living it. [snip]  I can teach, now tho I want to fly, I want to soar and leave the tentative on the ground, I don’t want to convince the stubborn or coax the fearful.

I appreciate the help I am getting from Joe, Kaitlin and Matt. That’s amazing.

email - from Tim White, to Jen re invoices for accounting
email - to/from Matt Kern, VFX
just boat reduced 02-19-16 2 .aep

email - from Jeremy Szal, Star Ship Sofa


beginning to feel the power in my voice.

email - to Matt Kern, getting started on hallway

email - from Steve Brown and Emily Votruba, sent them George Clooney Burgers
email - from Emily amazing notes on George Clooney Burgers .doc

email - from Clarion, application received


the Clarion entry had problems and I am guessing that there was too much effort associated with that,

email - to Clarion writers workshop
email - to Faisal, read short stories and an update on DOG
The original vision I had has bloomed like a flower, and now I see what I was going for. I really think this process (10 years) has been key in my development as an artist. I can’t wait to show you some snippets of what’s emerging, likely this month or April.

email - to/from Jordan, he set up local blog of deep archive to be network accessible so multiple people could help
email - to Kaitlin, sent her Trelby screenwriting software

email - to/from Jordan, sent him George Clooney Burgers


What’s my point of attraction? Notice what’s showing up. Making progress on accounting but still no end in sight, honestly.


the reason D and D was a good game to pay in my youth is this. I wanted my characters to be the most wonderful ever and I did everything to develop them.


The point is the forgetting of who we are is built into this scenario, but I can remember.


Without all that I went through, I wouldn’t be so clear about what I want, and what I want now is much clearer and even more exciting than what I wanted before.

email, to Matt Kern, window scratch locations and times
email - to/from Ingmar. I get the Wonderland sign
email - to Kaitlin warp drive


Last night a father thing asserted I had brain damage. [snip] I just got full possession of the Wonderland sign.

email - to/from Wisconsin NVC intensive
email - from Ingmar, I get Wonderland sign
email - inquiries about fur for the beast
email - to Anastasia, read stories?


So who knows how many humans are out there being god in the privacy of their own remote cabins or walk up apartments.

email - from Jordan, read George Clooney Burgers
email - to Dirk, naked Trump


email - to/from Bennie, she can't get into her blog


email - from Tom Emmot, JRRR Tolkien reading aloud


email - from Jen Christopher, accounting


email - to/from Jordan, notes on GCB coming
email - from Steve Brown, got hard science, hasn't read
email - to  Josh McKeon, sent Clooney Burgers


email - Josh McKeon huge list of links and...
oh what I wouldn't give for full though immersion with Excelsior Christina.

email - Josh McKeon
I must admit I felt a painful yearning at the end. It will require several readings. But it struck an emotional chord.

email - Steven Brown, re Hard Science
It does structurally and tonally resemble a first chapter or scene more than a short story in my opinion. Just an observation.

email - to Drabblecast, Hard Science


email - to/from Joni, entering Writers of the Future


email - from Drabblecast rejected Hard Science

email - to/from Big Lake group, Matt, Ben, Bri
I propose the name Big Lake for our consortium.


yesterday and the day before i launched writers of the future and an entry to strange horizons.

email - to Faisal, letting him know his story is actually a novelette
email - from Josh McKeon re GCB, amazing review
P.S. I like it and want to read the full anthology, in case that wasn't clear.


Speedway Auburn, MI


email - invoice from Matt Kern, and bummed that I ran with his music performance idea

email - from Clarion writers workshop, rejected


email - from Jeremy Szal, Starshipsofa
Both you and Bennie knocked your recordings out of the park - well done to the both of you.
email - Matt Kern not into Big Lake


A bio is needed for SSS. Then a site.


So what’s it going to take to live everything,

email - to Jeremy Szal, launched


email - to Escape Pod, sent auditions
email - to Kate Baker, Clarkesworld, sent auditions


email - to/from Bennie, her bio for voice acting and she's overwhelmed


email to/from Jeremy Szal, proposing a serialization of PKD novel


i can have a bath and get straight up to the guns. I can build something for the racks and just go to it.

email - to/from Joni, entered illustrators of the future


I don’t want to repair my eye so I can feel better, I want to rush like a soaring comet, shine like the sun and everything excellent will pop into my lap.

email - to/from Illustrators of the Future, 3 images entered
Where I Rest
Helen the Hacktrix (Lindsay)
Flying Naked (view from night flight)

email - from attn:


There must be something inherent in the design of this sandbox that encourages and facilitates the forgetting of our godhood.


From the wall, (re-release SFM and DOG)

email - from Matt Kern, invoice


email - from Washtenaw Community College, registered for Bike Safety then dropped
email - to Ben and Bri, moving into Airstream
email - from Matt Kern, discoveries about Element 3D


email - to/from Matt, turbosquid models to vet
email - to/from Zeb, repairing Mac Pro
email - from Matt, invoice


email - from Matt Kern, shelf tracking test. movie attachment


So here we are, early spring 2016 and so? What’s delicious today?

When I moved to NYC in 1983 at the age of 23, I was very much in love with a woman a few years younger.

email - to Mark Dillon, Gina

email - to Bri and Ben, financial situation suddenly dire, cutting back on expenses
because family income cut in half

email - to/from Mark Dillon, Gina


I get to find out about Bri and Ben today.

email - from GenArts, serial number


email - from Kate Baker
Thank you so much for the lovely email and for the samples! I'm definitely looking for new talent

So excited to help with Kate Bakers story.

email - to Bennie, meddled with her site
email - from Matt Kern, invoice
email - from Steve Brown
have to decline more readings at the moment.
email - from Dirk, booked flights to Michigan
email - from Matt Kern
You should shoot your next movie on this:

email - to/from GenArts, Sapphire

process log
Our body is our first canvas, the most ready to conform to our patterns of thought.

process log
To sniff out joy, the habits of sadness abandon, the rituals of self loathing leave be, let me instead sniff the joy on the wind, in every breath. The signal of love, the broadcast from cosmic central, wake up, remember who you are. Lover, Saint, Warrior, Magician. No effort, no struggle, ease and ease.

email -  to/from Alex Brydges, showing results of gun placement
She would look better with my HK

process log
photographing John Galt's guns


email - from Melonie, horsetail pdf

process log
get my own mj card
Archer, everything always seems to work out of me

This accounting - how good am I going to feel when it's done, when I am caught up? How competent and capable will I feel?


email - from Fiction Editors, Strange Horizons, rejected Hard Science
email - from James Schaberg


email - from Gary Dowell, narrate for FFF, Want's Master

process log
Going upside down is good for me in that it opens my smile body all over. Take action that feels like fun or adventure. Do seek fun and adventure! Do take action, lots of it! Jump on water slides, raise crazy flag poles, love the body with intense yoga - for fun and awakening and laughter.

email - to/from Bri. Big Lake pricing

process log
When I woke up this morning, I realized that my entire presentation of life is all a state of mind. My age, my level of strength, my joy - I decide and with practice and enthusiastic rehearsal, experience. How much love I feel surrounding me, how deeply sensual.... Where was I just before L showed up? Worth exploring prior October 2013. I brought wonderous bliss to me, I can again and even better.

email - from Shoalie, Bashar, First Contact

email - to/from Kate Baker, second story of the month, 8700 words, I accept

process log
perhaps seeing all those beautiful bodies and the theme of ex machina, love that wasn't, love that was a ploy. left in the locked research facility to starve. phew! some movie. beautifully shot and acted.

email - to/from Mark Eiden
I'm just checking in to see how things are going with the guns, etc.

[11-27-17, looking back the phase out of mediocre people happened gently, without me hardly noticing. some of those same people amped up automatically to keep pace. perhaps I practiced seeing them in fullness? Fascinating.]

process log
I'm close with Want's Master, in that I've given it extra attention and now have more information about what I want to offer there. Version two should be decent, perhaps even slightly stellar.

email - to/from Deb Lake, asking for availability of State for M33M in June or July
But we hope you might consider hosting an Open Screen Night with us at the State!

The world is a mirror of my own artistry, my offering, my radiance. I am an agent of the divine, the edge of creation. If I wish to be surrounded by beauty, it is I that beautifies.

email - to Deb Lake, responding to offer of Open Screen Night


email - to Gary Dowell, uploaded Want's Master
email - from Matt, 3D models

There is only one accomplishment, and that is to the feeling of excellence in our experience, to establish and enhance a presence of love, to be in love right now. I am really good at being in love, that’s my favorite state so I am just going to be in love, from now on.

email - from Gary Dowell, re Want's Master
Great job, Danny! I quite enjoyed it.

In any case, (and really who cares?), the central idea here is connection and full alignment. What if I were able to experience feeling in love all the time, without any external excuses, permissions, golden tickets, special circumstances?


email - to Kate Baker, uploaded Museum of Sagacity

doing for you EXACTLY what you ask for, to give you back to yourself. Who else in the cosmic cast did you ask of this? Who else answers you like I do? I am your lover and helper in the most profound way, the subtle way that even my agent on earth is unaware why she does what she does,

email - to/from Kate Baker re Museum
The only suggestions I have for future podcasts would be to space out pauses in punctuation a bit more and maybe try to differentiate voices just a smidge.


email - from Melonie, going to open mic at St Ambrose


email - to/from Mark Lozano, signed up for Freediving i and II
email - to Suz Mclaughlin, Barnes caved, can she help cater 53?


email - to Emily, propose a regular get together


email - replies to 53, One week remaining
email - Emily says no to regular get together
Thanks for the conversation today. It was very helpful to me and it's interesting that we're on this similar path of discovery right now.
email - to/from Mark Eiden. dust squibs with shotgun shells?

process log
I think I've got a strategy for getting the anchor out of the crater and rolling. Ratcheting strap, rolling pipes (or logs, but they'd float) prolly the pipes with PVC. My mask kept flooding so that was annoying, but I think that was a two hood issue. Tho I was SUPER toasty torso wise and feet too!

When I started to write the Science Fiction Musical, I thought it was merely a fun idea for an epic movie musical. the music was not incidental to the experience but essential. The story required the technology of music to move forward. I was a music enthusiast, but not quite yet a competent confident performer. I decided that if I were to write a musical, I’d have to amp up my singing and playing, to have more fleuncy in the medium. enough to render a song competently enough so that arrangers and collaborators could flesh it out.

email - to Melonie who is considering working for Jeff
He’s a gentle soul with some darkness, and slightly socially awkward, he test people by ranting at them, and if they hang around them he deems them worthy of investment. At least that’s my assessment, he’s never tried to hit on me 🙂

process log
I like to weave these spells with words. I want to have other spell makers in my life. I love the idea of starting just where I am. Starting from knowing so much, having lived SO much and known such joy and awakening.

email - Fabrice, New York news


email - from Jim Allegro, pix of James and Mia in canoe


email - to Kate Baker, Museum of Sagacity on Clarkesworld
email - to Kaitlin, inviting her to Worldcon
email - from Jim his friends from Columbia made


email - Ann proposes visit in August


email - to Fabrice, new back
email - to BCC, gently recruiting. Asking for feedback on podcast stories at Clarkesworld

process log
I stayed up last night and had a personal party. Playing music and then up late to watch a J stewart movie [no highway in the sky] where he plays and absent minded professor who saves a planeload of people. and gets the girl. something rather sweet that must have given all the geeks heart back then. believable for the ladies because he was grand and chivalrous, extremely competent, clearly had been able to coax at least one other woman into having a daughter with him, had money, I guess J Stewart is cute?

email - to Joe Stech at Compelling Science Fiction, offering narration
I listened to your reading on Clarkesworld, and it was very good.
email - from Emily, great pix of Wakako and I in TC
email - to Escapepod, for narration work
With all the stellar voices at on your podcast I feel a bit sheepish offering my talents, but if anyone needs a vacation, I’m ready. Emerging genre film maker expands network with voice acting. Check out the Robert Reed story on Clarkesworld for May and District of Wonders / Far Fetched Fables starting next week.

process log
I am both the blueprint and the enlivened architecture, the stones come alive because of me. I am the consciousness underlying physicality. I remake everything with who I choose to be. This whole world is my dream, and I choose now for this world to bloom as I bloom. I want to tell everyone, but I only have to tell myself. I only have to live the telling, be the story I feel.

process log
Recovered the big anchor yesterday.

email - from Melonie, I was at Seamus's grad


email - to/from Robert Reed, he doesn't listen to narrations of his work (Museum of Sagacity)
email - to Pat Bowne, feedback on Wants Master


email - to/from Pat Bowne, Want's Master
Reading a story, questions arise. Now that’s fine if I am reading for my own pleasure, but performing a story for an audience is a responsibility, (and a privilege).

Living only for results is unsustainable, disconnection, toxic abstraction, impoverishment, unattainable fantasy future deleting our very humanity, disempowering. I want THIS, what and who I am right now. Living in the delicious THIS.

process log
I can imagine a fusion of Abraham and NVC. a sharpening of perception and compassion so that I feel or hear another's experience in thier statements and actions, and realize that whatever they are doing or saying is just their own exploration.


email - to/from Gary Dowell, interested in reading Tin and Mercury?


email - to Kate Baker, wants to pay me. (should have just told her to keep the money, but professional status is cool, expensed as bad debt)

process log
Very few people are going to be able to understand what I am when I myself am blocking my own divinity. I don't need anyone to understand who I am, that's not important - anymore. I don't love poeple because I understand them, it's the idea that we can understand each other that blocks feeling each others presence. what I like is a feeling of rapport, of connection. of resonance. of hilarity.

process log
I ran Elberta beach yesterday gloriously and remembered to rather than push and struggle myself faster, to beauty myself faster. to joy myself faster. To go beyond the paradigm of struggle as the way to get things, to go beyond working harder.


email - from ExtremePower sports, replacing rear brake light
email - to 3D and J, motorcycle repair

An app for phones and computers that lets them come [plus and idea for a short story]


email - Fabric Empire, fur for beast bike

process log
modeling notes. milagros


email - from Jeremy Szal, narrate Far Side of Wilderness

process log
I've got 3 x Compelling, 1 x Daily and 1 x StarshipSofa.

email - from Amazon, Startech 4 bay sata drive ordered


email - from OWC, trouble verifying Newegg drives for RAID
email - to/from Melonie, stories to read and model shop


email - from OWC RMA RAID and reorder

process log
Milagros wants me to come to AA and see her therapist.


email to/from Gary, did two version of Tin and Mercury, one Forrest Gump and the other cynical guy. Cynical guy won.

process log
I'll never again be with a woman I have to convince of my worthiness. The flaws others see in me are within themselves, the restriction of joy. That's not my business. My business is to flow the joy I am.

email to Gary Dowell and Jeremy Szal, in a workshop, wrapping stories

I want to allow effortlessly and with deliberate zest and celebration.

email to/from Gary Dowell on Tin and Mercury
Yeah, think I'm gonna go with version 2.0. I like what you did with the first version and appreciate the thought and time you put into it, but I think #2 is more nuanced and accessible.
email - from Galaxy press, rejected for writers of the future

to - Gary Dowell, about the two versions
I don’t really want to record multiple versions, but I learned a lot from exploring (and finishing) the perspective of the first character. The story was slightly annoying to me, and I think the first character was a response to that. (more)

process log
I would love to get to the point of full self acceptance and surrounded by so many awesome women, that there would a constant presence of beauty and intimacy with worthy others. I suppose I do want to keep it open, and that's my prerogative. I've only to clearly state my desire, decision.


email - from Jeremy Szal, Far Side of the Wilderness
Sounds fantastic Danny! Thanks so much - it won't be long before it's up!

some beliefs

We’ve got several repositories of archival DOG.

process log
As I ease back into the doing of DOG. Making lists, cleaning up lists, preparing big drives to hold everything. The three big deals in my life are - physicality, DOG and feeling magnificent. The accounting thing, I feel like it's a good idea to make room for that weekly, just so I can feel like light is steadily shining there.


email - from Milagros, taking  a break

process log
There is a literal and language oriented delight, there is also a silent and empty delight. There's an experience of being fully physical. All parts of me are excellent, I embrace myself and become whole, what I designed myself to be. I designed. My *I* which I commune with and am in rapport with anytime I choose. I am learning to choose.

How would it feel to know strength and amazing abilities were inevitable?

process log
I'd like to make a start editing 'third party' because I could get that done and out and perhaps show it to the peanut gallery this morning around 8 or so.


email - from Milagros, pix of me in hammock

process log
Looking at Vimeo, it's a filmmakers venue, with lots of resources there and other vimeo people. So I guess establishing a presence there would be worthwhile. Different venues for different projects. Release all of ALM on Vimeo? Almonds? Why?


email from Dirk, Brad coming in september


Daughter of Godcast episode outlines

rough of FAQ for

ideas about daughter of godcast

process log
had a dream of an ancient power place, kind of dark and possibly dangerous. (story fragment)

process log
set up social media for DOG

process log
trailer by the end of the month? and gentle blog reveal each week, maybe a year every week, with some anti spoiler black outs along the way.


email - to Mark Dillon, include text conversation

process log
This week I want to
1) achieve a podcast launch, at least one episode if not two
1) soundbooth set up
2) record voice
3) record music introduction
2) have two more episodes written and ready to record this weekend
3) 2 more chapters roughed in

email - to Mark Dillon, wrote up the episode with him

email - illustrators of the future, rejected

process log
Today, finish the page, then post to all social media, if possible coming right from the blog. what's the message

Today is a special day! Today, August 31, 2016 begins the gentle release of Daughter of God, Dan Kelly's off and on focus for the last 11 years. been for the last 11 years (!) begins with the launch of the Daughter of Godcast podcast, Episode 001. This movie and related content is not intended for kids, so parents be advised.

email - to Lauren DiScipio, Toe Socks on YouTube? heading to CT for Brad

process log
Gosh, what would be great today? Clean and organize in preparation for getting 4-5 episodes ahead. Then there's NYc and what I want to accomplish before launch. I've got 5 days of juicing ahead and a day of return.

process log
I can be the both the adept at love and all and an explorer of nothing. This is the basis of the human dream, the human game. We are experimenting with the nothing, with the empty, gods playing with being not god in the most brilliant theme park ever devised.

process log
I want to feel the absolute confidence that I have the capability to take out any threat to myself or another, with perfect virtuosity whether through one move tai chi or non violent communication or just pushing off from their new island home in my little boat.

email - to great lakes scale modelers, email list?


email - Mark Dillon, record his texts for a future episode

process log
My approach to yoga has been changing, I've moved out of the discipline of practice to the experience of practice. There certainly are a lot of unique body sensations in the postures. How beautiful to enjoy them and see what is available. Maybe that's another utility of yoga, or the utility. to harvest the emotional and intuitive collections stored in the body through postures. huh.
So yoga as the reception of intuitive unconscious information. Super cool. I'm am excited to try this. I have created the ideal surround to explore everything I desire. I can do anything today, exactly what I want.

email - to/from Lauren DiScipio. Toe Socks to film festivals
prolly already outdated


research for daughter of godcast

process log
My movie comes first because I am making myself with my movie and all the creative efforts, everyday. I am totally autonomous when it comes to living my life just as I want to. I am not doing anything out of obligation.
But that strategy is silly because I don't often have a mind blowing ecstatic event like 100 new people liking my podcast. I hardly even allow myself any ecstatic feelings if one new person checks in. So now, I want to experience ecstatic feelings for no reason at all. I want to be totally unconditional and just have a hilarious time being me. SO here goes starting with... dishes!


Trip to NYC? Newburgh NY, Kalamazoo, MI Ohio Turnpike

process log
editing beyond convention. every long pause, or odd transition, could be bridged with unpredented content, rhythms, mini illustrations... there might be some parallel theme, glimpsed, flashback, vision, remembrance, fantasy, joe in combat... editing as painting, writing, broad brush, free, flow


email - to Melonie party for Kaitlin on 09/17

process log
here's a movie idea. a super hero who can do anything they see on youtube, any amazing feat is suddenly their's too. Like the dude jumping off the second floor of the hotel on his skateboard.

process log
Jon York was there with Dirk and we were going to meet Jim for a run. Then I realized that Jon was talking and he was dead, and I said to Dirk, Jon York is here with us, and Dirk smiled and said, yeah, he's with us, and I was like he's really with us, I can see him, I can hear him! Jon smiled sheepishly at that. That was cool, a definite nod from the cosmos that I am steadily tuning in.
I think this getting contacted by a federal lawyer feels kinda spooky and scary. I wonder if he'll reply to my mail via linkedin. The abruptness of this contact out of the blue, points to the desire to be well situated legally.

[this was probably for registering terrorist training and adding political operative on my list of LinkedIn skills]

email - to Richa Jain, talking about the podcast and asking her help
The point of the podcast is that by telling the story of the making the movie, we BUILD an audience, so when the movie is launched, lots of people will already know about it and be excited to watch.

email - to Eiji, mentioning him in podcast


email - from Eiji, don't use his full name
email - from Jeremy, spread my wings
email - from Gary, new story. Evil is as Evil Does
email - to Pat Bowne,

Speedway Clare MI


email - from Richa, she and Eshan want to help


email from Eiji, he chooses option 2, no last name


email - to M3, launch Engine Room
email - to BCC test review of podcast (not launched?)


email - to BCC all decks report


email - to Steve Zilliax, you can come back now


email - from Steve Zilliax

process log
I was thinking this dark thought, that perhaps everyone actually thinks I'm a total dufus and they put up with me to a certain extent but they aren't going to seek me out or encourage me. and my opinions and perspectives are actually pretty offensive to most except a very few. I am seen as spoiled, ignorant and arrogant, a real pain in the ass.

that's pretty funny, to go to that place of worst case scenario.

funny, I feel the need to write about this because maybe writing reinforces the awareness, or I might foget if I don't write. but really, I write for the fascination of playing with the translation. I write because it's a game I enjoy. others might catch a whiff, but when I'm truly honest I only care about having the experience, I am not writing primarily to tell others how to. I am enjoying this flow, this tricky puzzle. writing about the feeling is like attempting to make a smooth curve with legos. It's not what legos are good at. you need a lot and to stand far back. to squint and pretend - sure that's a smooth curve. or be very creative. and all that is a hint too.
Do you know I can feel you all out there? You can feel me too, even if you're listening to this long after I'm dead,
What I am doing here is activating super intelligence to finish this movie. that's fabulous and a hoot. I've gotta be epic to finish this thing, I've setup a situation where divinity is the solution to the conundrum, the koan is solved by being god, period. I am the daughter of god. Tee shirt!


email to Jeremy Szal - Tony reads my bio on Starshipsofa?
Tony’s reading of my bio was SPECTACULAR! Please, please, please, pass my kudos to him for trudging through that tongue tangler. Love his laughter, made me laugh too. Freaking perfect.


email - to Jeremy Szal - Daughter of Godcast 006 launches with Far Side of Wilderness
email - to Melonie, feedback response for episode 005

process log
Editors please note, Shri Fugi Spilt is the Essene spelling, and is pronounced Shri FUJI (as in the mountain in Japan) SPLIT (as in banana). Please be sure to get this right in the spelling and pronounciation, thanks! Misprounciations in previous podcasts enabled Donald Trump to cross into our timeline.

email - to/from Matt Dayton, clearing the air on Claire

process log
I met Rick Rineer last night, a genius super polymath government insider. I told Alex it gave me a lot of encouragement to think the government would actually include people like Rick, a guy who would hang out in a double wide and squeeze cider at Alex and Meryl's.
I told Alex last night that i want to live the luck I have to make when I travel. When I am alone and making do with whatever I have, sailing or otherwise.
The conversation with Alex about how we make luck when we travel and that being settled we don't have to make so much luck because everything is kind of already set up. We don't need the luck as much. I offered the idea that I wanted to make my luck as I would traveling, even settled and cozy. Because when I think about where I am and what I want to experience, making luck is what this is all about.

Sailing on the Hobie Cats was a making luck experience. This podcast is totally a making luck sort of thing.

email - to Eshan and Richa, looking for feedback on podcasts from Indian perspective
email - to James, my explanation for why Keanu Reeves Daughter of God changed titles
email - to Melonie asking for more detail feedback about veterans, reached out to Kent and Ben Busch but eventually Bob Cissel gave the thumbs up.


email - to Shoalie about super computers
email - to Steve, Carmen, Melonie, Layna
Why am I doing this podcast? Asking for stories.
email - to Jeff, Elon Musk 2009
email - to Melonie, Far Side voice inspired by Wally Cox
Hey, thanks! That was my Wally Cox inspired character, the voice of Underdog

process log
Now I'll relate the idea for myself. We're active in a reality that is coincident with a multiplicity of other realities. Feelings are the tuning device and that there's always a little crosstalk from adjacent realities, so we can pick them up, what it would be like feeling happier and what it would be like feeling a little more sad. or excited and bored, safe and at risk, worriefd and confident.

process log
Speech is song, it's the song of the spirit, every word is important, significant. Why else do this but to radiate the strongest signal? Touch and inspire the world. If I had a way to reach thousands of people, to touch and connect with 100,000s of thousands of people, what would i do?

email - to CC Episode 006


email - Ross Johnson, Wordcamp is tomorrow

process log
The release of the movie is a release of content, of myself shining forth, finally. If I doubt that that's enough, or somehow suspect, I'll not have as much fun and this process will eventually become a grind. To create is to flow my fullness, before during and after. to feel good as I want to feel always. the point of taking any action is as an expression of joy and delight. Bursting forth, no longer capable of being contained.

process log
Steady progress towards telling the story. Today we record the treasure. It's a coming out story, pretty much full disclosure. I've written well, now I cultivate fullness for the reading. I can get just what I want to first time, allowing for the power of the work to easily flow through me, and the file to my peeps, to DOGs peeps out there, whereever they are.
There was something sacred about this act, I was asserting myself, deciding to make my own rules, regardless of what other people thought. When I showed them the car as we drove away, their mom sitting in the front, it was like I had performed a kind of magic trick. Maybe she knew too, and that's why she never liked me, the little thief. Hi Gwen!

email - to Faisal, everything good with us?



email - from WMFVA, in trouble for posting


email - from Faisal, why he unsubscribed

process log
What's the mission of

To magnetize 100k people to Daughter of God.
To give Daughter of God's audience easily access
Offering audience access to the longest little movie ever
Preparing Earth for the coming of Daughter of God

A laboratory for Dan to build the new movie making paradigm
Dan's homebrew venue for global art and awareness
Dan's channel of connection to decisive collaborators

email - to/from Deb Havens, not worth hassling with WMFVA
email - from Gary Dowell
Well done! Gave me some much-needed laughs today. Great job. I'll let you know once I have it scheduled.


email - to DOG mailchimp, episode 008 of Daughter of Godcast


process log
wild bunnies prowling
in the old state park
they've got saber like teeth
that glow in the dark
better haul ass
their not interested in grass


process log
heated sandbox for winter, sit in naked with some sculpting tools. the quartz sand of michigan are like stars, toss them into the air backlit in a dark room in macro and slow mo and watch them glide by as if in a starship. model in miniature that silly effect we see all over the place. then speed ramp them slower. Love this idea. a clear acrylic cone to protect the camera from the rain of sand from above, sifted through a jet black screen high up, there's the cosmos rushing by the front viewport of the ship, some ship, SF musical boat that slips past the stars as if there were water. Dust in suspension, zeolites.


email - to DOG mailchimp, Daughter of Godcast 010


email - to DOG mailchimp, Daughter of Godcast 011

process log
Doesn't matter how many poeple are watching or listening. What matter is 1) Am I having fun and 2) Am I making something super cool? The rest will follow.
The difference between comfort and convenience. Comfort is the feeling of enjoying our bodies and experience as we are in the moment. Convenience is the changing of external circumstance to meet some arbitrary criteria of acceptable and if we that criteria can be met, then permitting ourselves to have comfort.

process log
1) why live a long life, have a compelling reason. because living feels so good, is so much fun. don't just hang around like a bio robot programmed to survive, or cling to life in terror of death. be here because life rocks. decide this or let go, whichever works

process log
I want to create and live / love a becoming process so compelling that nothing else is worth thinking about. I want my life to have two categories of experience... 1) a deep experience of awe and pleasure being alive, presence in the shimmering sparkling moment 2) a delighting in the over the top exciting future I am bringing into being via the constant activation of my superb imagination.


email - to DOG mailchimp, Daughter of Godcast 011

process log
Is the podcast a success? My god, last night I was organizing the master podcast file and seeing all the sound effects, and that reminded my of the crazy stuff I've done so far over the last 12 weeks. and I am like, wow, this feels good.

email - to Lisa and John, tiny house people. Get together?

process log
Somehow imagining an audience is intriguing. There's something compelling about doing my process in this public way that makes me want to reach deeper, to find more of myself. If more people do start listening, then maybe that's affirmation, that I am learning how to shine OR maybe being myself even if I am pushing audience away is the point, that I am going to love and cherish myself in this public way as a demonstration, even if no one else wants to listen or watch, I am a big blooming flower over here. I don't need attention, affirmation or fans to know that I am worthy. I just practice feeling great and be as radiant as possible in every moment, and these podcasts feel like a deliberate practice of radiance. Even (maybe especially) as my tiny audience fades away.

email - from Emily, I'm going to sing at Elberta Life Saving Station for post Thanksgiving feast, first solo playing out


email - to/from Jil Johnson about the podcast, long explanation, moving into video


email - to outreach to MOZ to read their ethics doc


email - to DOG mailchimp, Daughter of Godcast 014


email - from LDS, Sundance rejected Toe Socks

process log
What I want is to be unsinkable, not even resilient but uneffected. to not take things personally, but to see every situation in terms of needs. especially people being "mean", "inconsiderate", "unfair", "harsh", "abusive".

This is a little scary, because it means I am on the path of unlearning a lot of behaviors and perspectives that have defined me, given me context and meaning

process log
the myth of the lone iconoclast, of the misunderstood genius, of the impossible dream. that doesn't have to be me, it's an interpretation based on limited experience and mythologies that have been seeded to isolate and disempower. that is not my story, i can tell whatever story i want to tell.

the story of the gregarious genius surrounded by empowered collaborators and synergistic mojo. of having adventures surely surrounded by the best resources and perspectives


process log
I want to be as honest as possible in describing my experience. I want to identify and embrace the contrast for what I can be inspired to. I love feeling good. I do not always feel so good, like these dreams the last two nights, fearful and full of dread. I want my daily experience to feel really delicious and inspiring. Contrast is inspiring, so what are these dreams pointing to?

email - to/from Tony C Smith, Starshipsofa will start paying narrators

process log
I appreciate all my feelings. I don't have to take my feelings personally. I can experience the guidance without telling myself a story. I don't have to take anything personally, ever again. women loving me is an expression of myself loving myself. I enjoy being vigorous and radiant within, and the rest follows.

process log
this is a happy list, I'm gonna make it now so I can see just how many situations changed in like a month or a few months or a year, how much of my stuff I got.



email - to DOG mailchimp, Daughter of Godcast 016


email - from Anastasia, seeing herself


email - to Melonie
I’ve had so many friends from NYC freaking out, I’ve repeatedly had to delete their fear from my timeline, and these are smart people mind you. I’ll tell you honestly, I’m glad I got out of there.

email - to/from Patrick, ready to sign docs for DOG
I’m having a blast pulling this all together actually. Podcasting research, accounting and chain of title all at once. In future episodes, I’ll be talking about the Airship project, I still think it’s super cool. When I get around to that, I’ll forward you all the emails.

process log
so really, it's about taking on only the most delightful autonomy. the very best autonomy. how would i like to feel right now? that's what everything is about anyway, everything we do in life is about how we ultimately imagine the result is going to make us feel. More to the point, what we give ourselves permission to feel. and then for one brief moment when that rube goldberg contraption that we've configured out of people, money, cars, dinners, atom bombs and toothpicks finally produces the desired result, condition in the world, we might for one moment allow ourselves to feel... good. Whatever your definition of good is.

Feeling good doesn't require any conditions to be met, yumminess surrounds us, interpenetrates us, suffuses us. we are a good feeling incarnate. what happens is we grow older we are encouraged to assign external conditions to the natural experience of what we are. kids, given the basics, find it easy to be happy

process log
Death is totally backwards, the translation out of here is hardly an ending, it's a tea in the greenroom, it's a chance to catch your breath before respawning into the level, death is our full selves, we can have here and now, through virtousic expression, athletic excellence, meditation, love of every flavor, connection with the wilds, just being in our fullness. it's like all of those except better, and then we can return to this experience and ride the ride again, because that's what god does. she he flowers


email - from Carmen Althaus Koenig new email =
email - to/from Matt, extensive feedback on Thaw
email - to Carmen, Melonie and Steve, create IMDB accounts


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